8 Essential Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin ...


Tips for Healthy Skin can be found all over the web. Iโ€™ve read all kinds of crazy things to do โ€” like using school glue as a facial mask! Crazy, right? As a licensed esthetician, Iโ€™ve heard many crazy skin care tips from my clients, but these 8 essential skin care tips I can guarantee will give you healthy skin! Glue is meant for sticking paper together, not for skin care, so letโ€™s keep it that way.

1. Remove Your Makeup

Your body uses the time that you are asleep to rejuvenate and restore itself. If you are sleeping in your makeup at night, you are causing damage to your skin because it is blocked and clogged by the makeup during its healing process. You need to completely remove your makeup every night before going to bed, and follow up by cleansing your skin.

Cleanse Your Skin
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