21 Skin Care Tips I Learned from YouTube ...


21 Skin Care Tips I Learned from YouTube ...
21 Skin Care Tips I Learned from YouTube ...

We can get a ton of information from online resources and I wanted to share some of the many skin care tips from YouTube that I’ve picked up over the years. Although the beauty gurus on YouTube aren’t exactly doctors, they‘ve all tried and tested so many products and methods in skincare, so it’s definitely worth listening to some of their tips! Here are 21 of probably a million different skincare tips and tricks, keep reading to see if you’ve ever tried them!

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Don’t Share

Most of the magazine or YouTube skin care tips will impart that you shouldn’t share makeup or tools but this time we’re talking about towels. PiinkSparkles swears by using her very own clean towel that only she uses as helping her skin stay clean and clear!


Healthy Skin from within

The girls from Clevverstyle had a little skin care panel with a fellow YouTube guru where they shared their YouTube skincare tips. Aside from caring for your skin topically, try taking Evening Primrose Oil, Biotin and Hyaluronic Acid as part of your skincare routine. These supplements help balance oil and absorb water in addition to keeping skin healthy.


Bath of Oil

This next skin care tip from YouTube is from Andrea’s Choice, who had a ton of great tips on caring for skin in the winter. She suggests taking an oil bath by filling up your tub as usual then simply adding some essential oils to the water and soaking. It’s great for moisturizing; just make sure the bath water isn’t too hot!


Cover up

Another skin care tip from Andrea’s Choice is how you can fight winter dryness by deep conditioning your hands and feet. Grab your favorite lotion and mix it with a few drops of oil, she used almond oil but if you don’t have anything besides olive oil, that will work too! Coat your hands and feet in this blend and put on gloves and socks. Wear them overnight if you can, or just leave them on as long as you can stand it!


Exfoliate Everywhere

Ok, maybe not everywhere but this YouTube skincare tip from TheGreenGirlsTV suggests that you exfoliate your face and your entire body to get rid of dead skin cells that is built up and help new skin absorb oxygen. This makes total sense although I had the bad habit of only exfoliating certain rough areas like elbows and feet but now I know better!


Rub the Right Way

The CBS channel interviewed skin expert Kate Somerville, who had some awesome YouTube skincare tips to share! Kate says that many people including celebs exfoliate wrong and can end up damaging their skin. She suggests that you use a facial exfoliator no more than twice a week that contains sphere-like granules instead of apricot and nut scrubs that can be way too harsh on facial skin.


Homemade Beauty

Beauty and fashion guru BeautySplurge’s skin care tip is to use baking soda as a cheap and easy exfoliator. Grab a handful of baking soda, make a paste with warm water and gently wash your face. Baking soda will clean your pores helping to minimize them and exfoliate away all your dull and dead skin.


Eye Massage

This next YouTube skincare tip is from Bubzbeauty who shared her long but apparently effective skincare routine. One of her tips was to massage your eye area when applying eye cream. You should also massage your cheekbones and eyebrow area to drain your face and de-puff eyes.It might seem weird at first, but you'll get used to it!


Beauty Oil

This next tip is one of the easiest skin care tips from YouTube that you’ll ever hear-use Argan oil. The GreenGirlsTV suggests using Argan oil to fight winter dryness. Argan oil is so gentle that all skin types including acne prone skin can use it. Use the oil on hair, skin and nails to treat your skin and stay moisturized!


Wash up

PiinkSparkles’ next skincare tip is to always wash your hands before you wash your face. It sounds so basic, but I know it’s easy to forget when you're in a hurry getting ready in the morning or when you turn in for the evening. So make it a habit to always wash up. Who knows what the heck you touched since the last time you washed your hands, so take the time to wash your face with clean hands.


The Change-up

Andrea’s choice’s skincare tip for the fall and winter is to consider changing up your cleanser. What worked for you in the summer might be too harsh in the winter. If you feel like your face is getting drier and feels tight, your face wash could be the culprit! Try swapping face wash with a creamier type and see if your skin bounces back.


Easy Dose It

The next on this list of skin care tips from YouTube is from PiinkSparkles, who reminds you to be very gentle when you wash your face. If you rush and just go balls-to-the-wall crazy on your skin, you’re running the risk of damaging your gentle facial skin. Our skin goes through enough during the day so let’s take it easy when we wash it and use the time to pamper our skin.


Proper Hydration

Another one of the skin care tips from YouTube is by Kate Somerville is to use hyaluronic acid. This ingredient was mentioned in a previous tip and it can be used topically and internally. She suggests using skincare containing hyaluronic acid morning and night to plump fine lines because it works to allow our bodies to absorb water and hydrate skin.


Hands off

This next skincare tip from YouTube is by Kandee Johnson who beseeches us to keep our hands off our faces! I think we all have the bad habit of resting our chin on our hand when we’re thinking or bored and this can easily transfer dirt, oil and bacteria onto your face. Try to keep your hands away from your face at all costs to avoid contaminating your face and prevent breakouts!


Milky Way

Ever wonder what it would be like to take a milk bath a la Cleopatra, because this next skin care tip from YouTube proposes you do just that. The GreenGirlsTV says that adding 1 cup of powdered milk along with 5-10 drops of essential oil is a relaxing way to moisturize skin all over.


Sweat It out

Kandee Johnson is a proponent of getting your blood pumping and sweating as a skincare tip. She suggests going outdoors and having a good old fashioned sweat sesh to increase blood flow and draw more oxygen to your skin cells. Exercise is as good for your skin as it is for your physical and mental health!


Get Electric

Back in the day, Michelle Phan made a lot of videos on budget skincare and one of her YouTube skincare tips was to use an electric toothbrush. She recommended using the electric toothbrush with aspirin or an exfoliator to give your face a deep cleaning. This is a really great alternative to a pricey face brush and will probably do just as good of a job!


Get Low

The GreenGirlsTV’s YouTube skincare tip was to shed light on one of the more little known ways our skin dries out. Your blow dryer could be drying out and even burning your scalp so be aware of the heat setting and maybe use a little less heat, use your dryer less often or just air dry if you can.


Tomato Face

Another one of BeautySplurge’s YouTube skincare tips was to slice up a tomato and rub it on your face. Get all the tomato juices on your face and let it sit for at least 15-20 minutes. The acidity from the tomato produces Vitamins A and C and then make sure you rinse with cold water to tighten up pores.


Don’t Overdo It

BirchboxTV should know what they’re talking about when it comes to skincare tips because they send us fabu beauty products every month, right?! Ok, maybe that doesn’t make them skin experts but they did have some advice for us. They advised that you should avoid over washing oily skin and use blotting papers instead of powder to avoid looking cakey.


Quaker Way of Life

The very last of the skin care tips from YouTube comes from Bubzbeauty. She reported that she experienced irritated and sensitive skin at one point and started using oatmeal to fight redness and inflammation and continues to use it. Grab a handful of oatmeal, pour warm water over your hand and once it’s pasty, use the mix to wash your face like normal. Oatmeal relieves redness, irritation and removes impurities!

These skin care tips from YouTube were from just a few of the millions of users online. It’s amazing how we can learn and share so many things from people around the world! Many of the skincare tips that I found were pretty basic but they were still worth mentioning. Logically, we can try a bunch of different products and supplements but healthy skin all comes down to consistently and properly caring for our skin. What are some of your favorite tips on maintaining your skin?

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I use organic rice water as a tonic, is an amazing moisturizer, money free and so easy to make. I stored in the fridge.

I love and swear by oatmeal to wash my face AND for oatmeal baths! <3

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