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8 Beneficial Body Care Tips to Consider ...

By Lisa

We spend a lot of time caring for the skin on our faces, but body care tips are just as important! Body care might seem simple, like washing and applying, but there’s much more to it than that! Get in the habit of taking care of your body now so you can flaunt some flesh in the warmer weather and beyond and be proud of the way your skin looks for many years to come! Here are 8 body care tips to get you going in the right direction.

1 Exfoliate Regularly

You didn’t think you’d get through a list of body care tips without exfoliation being mentioned, right?! You might’ve heard it a million times but exfoliation is very important to keeping your skin looking healthy and feeling smooth. The experts at Discovery Health recommend giving yourself a nice scrub 2-3 times a week to slough off dead skin and reveal healthy, new skin.

2 Exercise Consistently

When you’re caring for your body or your mind, exercise should be at the top of the list of things to do. Exercise is clearly great for our health but it also promotes better sleep, boosts energy and helps to tone skin and keep cells healthy. Getting our hearts pounding is a good thing so go ahead and get you’re your sweat on! Consistently exercising will do a world of wonders for your mind, body and skin!

3 Eat Well

Eating well and drinking plenty of water are such important parts of caring for your body but we seldom listen to this advice! Much of the food today isn’t considered beneficial to our bodies, so it’s even more important to eat a clean diet and quench your thirst with water. Of course we all need the occasional splurge but keeping your diet healthy for the most part will do your body good!

4 Make Time for Sleep

The next body care tip is to make time to get enough sleep. Forget the saying where you sleep when you’re dead — you need sleep every single night! Sleep is the time for your body to regenerate so you’ll wake up with a healthier complexion, bright eyes and improved health! Don’t skimp on sleep, the effects of not getting enough sleep are very apparent!

5 Take a Bath

Taking a bath is one of the most relaxing and beneficial body care tips. Indulging in a nice soak with a few added ingredients is sure to make the experience even more enjoyable. Add Epsom salts, oatmeal or oils into your bath to turn bath time into a delightful ritual for your body and soul. Check out some of the posts on AWS to get more ideas on what to add to your bath water to maximize the experience!

6 Moisturize

Moisturizing our skin is a vital part of caring for your body. We can do all the other steps in skin care but if we don’t properly moisturize our skin, we can end up with dull, dry or rough skin and who wants that?! If your skin is on the drier side, choose a body butter over a lotion as it’s more emollient and will soothe thirsty skin.

7 Breathe Deeply

One of the best body care tips I can share with you is to practice diaphragmatic (or abdominal) breathing. This is a type of deep breathing where your belly inflates when you inhale. Most people, myself included, are used to chest breathing which is taking more shallow breaths. Diaphragmatic breathing triggers the relaxation response, strengthens the immune system and improves the circulatory system.

8 Slow down

When caring for your body it’s also vital to slow things down a bit. Yes, you have a million things to do, but your health and well-being are so much more important than many of the things we choose to do over taking proper care of ourselves. You’re only human; don’t expect perfection or 10 things done at once. Slow down, unplug and enjoy the little things to give your mind and body a much needed break.

Use some of these body care tips to help take better care of your body. These basic body care tips might not be anything new but they all help you to clear your mind and have healthy exterior! Do you have any beneficial body tips that you like to do?

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