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8 Smart anti-aging Skin Care Tips to Try out ...

By Lisa

Anti-aging tips for our skin can help us to maintain our youthful appearance and keep our skin looking healthy. We’ve heard the whole sunscreen thing many times before but I’ve scoured the net for some of the lesser known or talked about tips to fight aging that you ladies might not have heard a gazillion times already! Get ready for some nifty tips to keep your gorgeous skin looking young!

1 Brush It on

A fabulous little anti-aging tip is to apply your skin care creams with a makeup brush. This little trick will help to prevent pulling on your delicate skin and it’ll be much gentler on your skin. And if you use upward strokes when you use the brush in an upward motion, you’re actually helping prevent sagging!

2 Color Coding

Anti-aging isn’t limited to just skin care; you can also have an anti-aging wardrobe! Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve surgery or expensive clothing, it’s all about wearing the right size and colors. Wearing the wrong size for your shape or the wrong colors for your skin tone can significantly age you! Wear colors and styles that complement your skin and shape to avoid looking older!


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3 Double Duty

One the tips to fight aging that I wasn’t aware of before is to use your anti-wrinkle eye cream on your nasal labial folds and between your eyes. Those two lines on your face between your eyes and around your lips rarely get the attention it deserves. Apply some of your eye cream there to fight lines and wrinkles!

4 The Last Straw

You can see that anti-aging tips aren’t just about what we apply to our faces. The next tip is to avoid drinking out of straws to avoid getting those dreaded upper lip wrinkles. You might not be so keen on this tip if you love drinking your fountain drinks out of straws. But if the chance of getting upper lip wrinkles bothers you enough, it’s worth it.

5 Give It Time

This next anti-aging tip is about applying your skin care products and letting it set. We usually rush through our skin care routine and our expensive anti-aging products don’t get enough time to sink in to our skin before we slather on more product! Give your serums and creams time to really work its way in before you move on to the next step so they can do their job!

6 Sleep on It

We all know that consistently getting enough sleep is one of the crucial tips to fight aging. But how we sleep makes a big difference as well! Sleep on your back or try to get in the habit of sleeping on your back if you can and use a satin pillowcase. Sleeping on your side or belly can create wrinkles from sleeping in certain positions. Cotton pillowcases are rougher than satin and can pull on your skin and hair from the friction.

7 Lip Service

If you don’t do this anti-aging tip already, be sure to start exfoliating your lips to look younger overall. Lips don’t have any oil glands so they’re susceptible to dryness. And dry and chapped lips aren’t cute and can make us appear older so they need our help! All you need to do is take a damp cloth and gently rub it over your lips to remove any dead cells, apply a lubricating balm and you’re set!

8 Pulling Contest

When you’re taking tips to fight aging, all the skin care in the world won’t help you if you’re always tugging and pulling your skin when you apply makeup. Keep pulling or tugging to a minimum when you’re crafting the perfect cat eye or lining your waterline. The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate so treat it as such!

These anti-aging tips in conjunction with a good skin care regimen can be helpful in keeping that youthful glow! Remember that it’s not just about what you put on your skin but how you treat your skin that can affect the way it looks! Do you have any fantastic anti-aging tips of your own that you care to share?

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