7 Reasons to Start Washing Your Face with Oil ...


7 Reasons to Start Washing Your Face with Oil ...
7 Reasons to Start Washing Your Face with Oil ...

Does washing your face with oil sound crazy? I used to think that too before I discovered all the benefits of oil cleansing and what it can do for our skin! Based on my research, just about all skin types can use and benefit from the oil cleansing method. You just might have to adjust the amount of oil you use to what your skin is comfortable with is all. Are you intrigued? Keep reading for reasons to start washing your face with oil!

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When you’re washing your face with oil, you’re doing just that, it’s super simple. To make the cleansing oil, you just combine olive oil, castor oil (you can find this at most pharmacies in the upset tummy section) and essential oils if you want. Combine equal parts of the two oils in an empty bottle or old face wash container and shake it up. Pour a quarter-sized dollop in your hand, rub it on your dry face and let it sit for one minute. Next, grab a wash cloth, soak it in hot water, wring it out and apply it to your face for 30 seconds. Lastly, use the wash cloth to rub the oil off of your face.



One of the best things about the oil cleansing method is that it’s natural. You won’t find any parabens, sulfates, synthetics or any harsh chemicals so it’s good for your skin and the earth. Many commercial beauty products contain things that are bad for the environment but with oil cleansing, there aren’t any harmful ingredients so you have no worries once it’s washed off your face!



Another fabulous benefit of cleansing with oil is that it’s inexpensive. If you’re tired of investing in expensive skin care products that never do what they say or they do work but just cost too dang much, make the switch! Oil cleansing is super affordable and you really don’t need a lot to wash your face. It’s also a great makeup remover so you don’t have to wash your face with a separate cleanser either!



The oil cleansing method isn’t just a cheap and easy way to wash your face at night; it’s also great for your skin! Castor oil pulls out dirt and oil, so by itself it can be drying. So we mix it with olive oil to hydrate our skin and nourish it with antioxidants. This cleansing method will improve the condition of your skin in about two weeks and many people report getting lots of compliments on their skin after utilizing this method!



You might be thinking that oil cleansing is only for those with normal or problem-free skin but that’s not so! Even if you have blemishes, oily, dry, sensitive or combination skin, it is said that various skin types can benefit from the OCM. Cleansing with oil can purify your skin by pulling out all the gunk from the environment, dirt and oils so if you’re looking for a deep cleaning, give this a try!



As previously mentioned, the olive oil in oil cleansing is an amazing natural moisturizer for skin and it provides your skin with lots of nutrients that’ll make your skin luminous and healthy. Using olive oil on the face and body is an ancient beauty secret of the Egyptians and Romans and it can do wonders to soften and improve the elasticity of your skin!



We learned that the OCM is safe for the environment and all natural, but it’s also very safe to use on our skin. We can ingest olive oil and castor oil. Both oils are derived from plants so it’s a very gentle and safe alternative to some of the face washes out there that contain some crazy-sounding ingredients!

Are you ready to give the oil cleansing method a try?! Remember that you might need to adjust the amount of oils you use depending on your skin type. I know, it seems like a big risk to take but there are so many women who tried it and absolutely loved it so I had to share the information with you! If you’re interested in learning more detailed information on OCM, visit theoilcleansingmethod.com

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I know right, like I have oily skin too

Do you have to use a different washcloth each time?

Tried this oil cleansing method last year to try and perk up my skin, but flared up in really horrid bumpy acne all over my cheeks which just kept getting worse :( Nothing helped so ended up going to dermatologist and on roaccutane...,not ideal but was too depressed to care! Skin massively better now but lots of scars. Not everyone's the same but be cautious :)

What about Being comedogenic?

Coconut oil is pretty awesome

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