7 Skin-Brightening Techniques to Use for Winter ...

By Heather

7 Skin-Brightening Techniques to Use for Winter ...

One of the biggest problems that I have in the winter is keeping my skin bright and fresh – until I discovered these skin-brightening techniques that are ideal for winter weather! If you girls are anything like me, you want to have the freshest skin possible – no matter what time of year it is! With these skin-brightening techniques, your skin will glow and look beautiful, no matter what the weather is doing outside!

1 Exfoliate

The very first of our 7 skin-brightening techniques that we have is all about exfoliating! You want to scour away all of those dead skin cells and leave the fresh, brand new skin underneath. For me, I use a bit of strawberries, mashed up in a bowl and exfoliate with that. It works great and truthfully, it's all natural!

2 More Vitamin C

This is especially true in the winter girls, you need to make sure that you are adding more vitamin C to your diet. Whether you are taking a vitamin C pill or you are just adding in a bunch of oranges, just make sure that you are upping your dosage. The reasoning? It's not just good for your immune system chicas, it's also great to brighten up your skin in the winter!

3 Use Lemon Juice

This is actually one of my favorite skin-brightening techniques that I has all of the time, not just in the winter. When I have a really oily day, I just take a little bit of lemon juice, swipe it along my oil and it cuts right through it! Also, have you ever heard of using lemon juice to brighten up freckles? Just a dab goes a really long way!

4 Minimize Use of Alcohol

When you are trying to brighten up your skin, one of the things that I've found is actually making sure that you keep your use of alcohol to a minimum. Seriously girls, you don't want to over-dry your face when you are trying to just brighten it up.

5 Brightening Face Mask

There are so many good brightening faces masks out there that you can try, but my favorite is Korres Wild Rose! This one is available at Sephora and is actually an overnight facial in a jar. It's more than just a mask too, it's a thick and night cream. Give this a try once a week and you'll see just how beautiful your skin can be!

6 Cleanse Twice a Day

I am so guilty of sleeping in my makeup and not cleansing twice a day, but when I found out that you can actually cleanse twice a day and get your skin brighter? I was all over that! Trust me girls, cleansing twice away will kick all of the oil out of your pores and leave your skin looking bright and beautiful!

7 Moisturize

Finally, you always, always want to moisturizer, no matter if it's the winter or if it is the summer. Moisturizing your skin will definitely make it appear smoother, more hydrated. Keep it moisturized girls and you'll see just how beautiful your skin can really be!

So, there you go! There are tons of different skin-brightening techniques that you can use, these are just a few. Do you have any other techniques out there? Share 'em below!

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