7 Teen Skincare Tips to Keep Using into Adulthood ...


For most girls, skin issues start in adolescence when puberty kicks in. That can leave you with several years of problem acne and other issues. You’d be wrong if you think that these issues will go away just because you’ve reached adulthood. You may be able to blame the acne on different things now, but the basics in caring for your skin and keeping it blemish free tend to stay the same. Here are some things you should never have stopped doing.

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Wash Your Face, but Not Too Often

hair, human hair color, blond, face, clothing, If you’re having an issue like oily skin or continual breakouts, you might think that washing more often can solve the problem. Most skincare experts suggest washing once or twice per day as a teen, and that’s something you can keep on doing as you get older. Washing too much can actually backfire on you so don’t think that more soap and water will solve the problem. Once in the morning and once in the evening is plenty for most people.


Make Sure You Know Your Skin Type

hair, eyebrow, black hair, face, afro, Knowing your skin type is something that you probably figured out as a teen. Now that you’ve grown up, things might have changed. See your doctor and reassess your skin type. That ensures that you choose products that work for your skin. Using products for the wrong skin type won’t be doing you any favors so being sure is important all through your life.


You Will Always Need to Moisturize at Least Once a Day

face, eyebrow, hair, clothing, nose, You should always apply moisturizer after you wash your face. When your skin is damp is the prime time to apply lotion because it helps the product absorb and lock moisture into your skin. If you wash twice a day, you’ll need to moisturize twice. Choose a moisturizer meant for day and one for night so that you can always have the best skin in town.


Spot Treat Blemishes like You Did in High School

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, person, Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you’ll never get another pimple. Using a spot treatment on those blemishes can help get rid of them faster, bringing back the clear and clean skin you’ve been wanting your whole life. If you have blemishes, spot treat them right away until they go away.


Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day, No Matter What

face, hair, eyebrow, black hair, cheek, Even if you didn’t wear sunscreen religiously as a teen (and really, who did?), you can still do so now. Wearing SPF every single day wards off the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and spots, and helps protect you from skin cancer. You must wear sunscreen every day, even if you’ll only be walking to and from the car.


Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face

face, hair, clothing, nose, cap, Remember when your mom told you to quit touching your face? That’s advice you can carry with you all through your life. Touching your face transfers all sorts of germs, bacteria and other junk from your fingers to your skin. That can lead to breakouts, so resist the urge to touch your skin.


Make a Regular Appointment to See Your Dermatologist

hair, black hair, clothing, blond, brown hair, You should see your dermatologist at least once a year. She’ll do a skin check to look for possible skin cancer and she can give you tips, advice and treatments for specific skin issues that you might be having. Make this a habit now and you can look like you barely left your teens for the rest of your life.

Which of these things have you been doing since your teens? Which ones do you need to start up again?

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