Girl's Guide to Flawless Skin in 30 Days or Less ...


Girl's Guide to Flawless Skin in 30 Days or Less ...
Girl's Guide to Flawless Skin in 30 Days or Less ...

We all want flawless skin, right? Turns out there are some easy tactics you can take to ensure that yours gets there in a month or less. Taking the best care of your skin is the easiest way to make sure it’s smooth and creamy, no matter your age. Ready to get started? Use this handy guide for the next month and you should see a major difference. Just remember that you have to stick with it or the results can’t be guaranteed. Let me know how it goes!

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Make Sunscreen a Daily Habit

clothing, girl, lady, beauty, fashion, You’ve heard it before, but it bears saying again. Sunscreen is your number one way to prevent the signs of aging and keep your skin looking gorgeous. Even if you only plan to run to the car and then into the office and back, you should be wearing sunscreen to prevent damage. If you sit by the window at home or at work, you need SPF. And obviously, if you plan to be outdoors, you need sunscreen. Start today and in 30 days, sunscreen will become a daily habit you won’t forget.


Add Mixed Nuts to Your Snack Bag

Add Mixed Nuts to Your Snack Bag Not only do they taste really good, but mixed nuts can have a positive impact on your skin too. According to experts, nuts contain varying amounts of selenium and omega-3 fatty acids, which promote healthy skin elasticity and cell turnover. Because no single type of nut has the amount you need of each nutrient, it’s a good idea to mix things up. Brazil nuts, walnuts and macadamia nuts are great choices.


Start Using Retinol Products

Start Using Retinol Products Some dermatologists say that every girl should be using retinol as part of her daily skin routine. This ingredient encourages healthy cell turnover and ensures youthful and firm skin. There are many types of products that contain retinol, so your best bet is to experiment to find the ones that work best for you.


You’ve Got to Get More Sleep

You’ve Got to Get More Sleep For the next 30 days, make a vow to go to bed on time every single night. It can be so tempting to hit happy hour or read just one more chapter, but the truth is that skimping on the shut eye can really damage your skin. While you sleep, your skin has a chance to regenerate and restore itself so that you look fab when you wake up. Slather on the renewal products and then make sure you get at least seven hours of slumber every single night.


Wash Your Skin with Lukewarm Water, Not Steaming Hot

Wash Your Skin with Lukewarm Water, Not Steaming Hot This simple step can do wonders for your skin. When you wash with water that is too hot, it strips the moisture from your entire body, leaving you looking dry, flaky and less than your best. Make the switch to lukewarm water and you preserve the natural oils in your skin, helping keep a plumped up and youthful look. This is true for your entire body so keep that in mind when you hit the shower.


Buy a Watermelon when You Get Groceries

Buy a Watermelon when You Get Groceries Luckily, eating watermelon every day shouldn’t be all that hard because it tastes so good. It’s also packed with lycopene, an antioxidant that promotes healthy and lovely skin. It can also fight sun damage so today is the day to start munching it all the time.


Stay Patient for the 30 Days

Stay Patient for the 30 Days Don’t expect instant results when you start your 30 day makeover. You’re going to have to be patient and wait for your new routine and products to work for you. You should see definite results by the end of 30 days, but you aren’t going to see results overnight.


Use Face Masks Weekly

face, hair, nose, cheek, chin, Paper and DIY face masks keep skin looking fresh. Egg white and honey masks are among the most popular for moisturizing. Follow with ice cubes to reduce swelling.


Use a Brightening Eye Treatment

hair, human hair color, color, face, pink, The delicate skin around your eyes reveals a lot about your skin's health. Add an eye cream to your routine, like a de-puffing and brightening treatment. It'll look like you got a full eight hours of sleep in an instant.


Keep Skin Hydrated by Doubling up on Moisturizers

eyebrow, face, hair, nose, beauty, Start with a cleanser that is oil-based and gently exfoliates--you don't want to strip your skin. Then, double up on moisturizers. In the AM, use a light formula with sunscreen topped with a tinted moisturizer. In the PM, use a dense cream to soothe while you sleep. Don't forget your neck!

Are you ready for flawless skin in 30 days?

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I love skin medica 1.0 retinol, it removes the top layer of your skin and keeps collagen stimulated. I'm 57 and people think I'm in my early 40's.

These are awesome tips!

These are awl lies they just keep u looking older. Magic formula dnt even cost money. Wake up people.

Sally, good point !


What kind of retinol products if u could suggest a few

Lemon water & sleep! Plus eat your omegas!

U forgot water 😄 it is very important for a perfect skin

Great tips'

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