Foods to Eat if You Want to Stop Breakouts in Their Tracks ...


Foods to Eat if You Want to Stop Breakouts in Their Tracks ...
Foods to Eat if You Want to Stop Breakouts in Their Tracks ...

Some foods are better than others for preventing breakouts and acne, so knowing what you should and shouldn't be putting inside your body is a must for maintaining a healthy, natural glow to your skin!

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meal, dish, food, painting, produce, Opt for vegetables with plenty of water content since water is amazing for unclogging pores and can reduce inflammation of pimples. A great example of this are cucumbers, which happen to do both! Additionally, stock up on your vitamin A through carrots and sweet potatoes as these are great for overall detox.



food, produce, plant, leaf, land plant, Too much spice can actually make breakouts and acne worse, so it's best to leave these alone and use herbs instead! A few great examples are rosemary, mint and thyme because they can be added to almost any meal and still taste delicious.



dish, food, flower arranging, meal, floristry, Fennel can do a world of good to our bodies such as improving digestion, rids of unwanted toxins that are bad for us and many more things. Fennel is overall a natural skin cleanser so add this to your shopping list right away!



green, painting, plant, still life, art, Fish contains omega 3 and 6 which is great for reducing inflammation (otherwise this can causes breakouts and encourage pores to clog up). A few great examples of fish you should be eating are sardines, mackerel and salmon.


Dark Chocolate

chocolate, food, dessert, brown, chocolate brownie, Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants which is great from protecting your skin from radical damage and maintains the natural complexity. You can also go the extra mile and eat things that are chocolate coated (that's dark-chocolate coated only) such as raisons, peanuts and even strawberries!



food, dish, produce, vegetable, curry, Broccoli is great for preventing breakouts as it contains plenty of vitamins such as A, C, E and even K. You should eat at least one serving a day as it's considered one of the best antioxidants as well as being an acne fighter!



citrus, tangerine, food, fruit, clementine, If you suffer from acne scars, apply a bit of lemon juice directly onto them which should help reduce the visible scarring as well as fight and prevent them. Additionally, you can add a bit of lemon juice to your eight glasses a day as a natural cleanser for your body and organs!


Red Grapes

food, plant, fruit, produce, berry, Red grapes can actually be used to treat and reduce inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, due to their natural chemicals and antioxidants! Additionally, they can help control the visible side effects that allergic reactions cause the skin.



food, dish, produce, meal, plant, Not all dairy type cause breakouts, and yoghurt is definitely one of them! The probiotics that yoghurt contains actually helps to prevent bad bacteria from forming on your body. Acne and breakouts would occur a lot quicker without this advantage.



food, produce, Oysters contain plenty of acne-fighting zinc, which controls the release of male hormones that can actually end up causing acne. Another great purpose of zinc is that it helps our bodies to absorb vitamin A.

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I've actually found that dark chocolate causes me to break out lol

a lot of ppl don't realize how much diet can play a role in breakouts. thanks for sharing. Nice article!

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