THIS is What Your Breakouts Are Really Saying for Girls Who Need to Control Their Skin ...


THIS is What Your Breakouts Are Really Saying for Girls Who Need to Control Their Skin ...
THIS is What Your Breakouts Are Really Saying for Girls Who Need to Control Their Skin ...

If you kept track, you'd probably notice that your pimples follow some sort of pattern. That's proof that your health plays a role in what your skin looks like. Most girls have some sort of skin issue to deal with, but breakouts can be especially hard to deal with. If you want to get to the bottom of what's causing your breakouts, this handy guide should help you. Once you have it figured out, you can take the necessary steps to do something about it.

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Forehead Acne Could Mean Poor Digestion

Your digestive system is responsible for helping your body absorb vitamins and minerals that it needs to keep your skin clear and glowing. When your digestion gets wonky, it can present itself in the form of acne on your forehead. Experts suggest cutting the soda and junk food and increasing your water intake. Drinking green tea can also help since it's loaded with antioxidants.


Your Lungs Could Be to Blame if You Have Upper Cheek Acne

If you follow the practice of face mapping, you will see that your upper cheeks are connected to your lungs. If they aren't working properly, you could find yourself with a breakout in the area. Combined with that, your upper cheeks often end up contaminated with bacteria and other junk from your pillowcase and your cell phone so wash them often, in addition to eating healthy and avoiding cigarettes.


Breakouts on Your Lower Cheeks Could Be Due to Poor Dental Hygiene

When your gums are suffering from some sort of issue, it can manifest in the from of pimples on your lower cheeks. Experts say that brushing twice a day, flossing daily and limiting your intake of sugary drinks can really help.


Liver Dysfunction Might Cause Acne in Your T-Zone

Your T-zone is the area that extends down the center of your forehead and nose and across your cheeks to form a "T" on your face. When your liver isn't working properly, you could be getting acne in the area. Have your doctor check things over and limit your alcohol intake to help fix the issue.


Poor Dietary Habits Causes Breakouts on the Chin

Because your chin is directly connected to your digestion, a poor diet can lead to acne there. Specifically, chin acne can often be blamed on dairy foods and oily meals. Cut back on those two things and you could see your chin acne getting better and better until it's gone completely.


Breakouts near the Eyes Means a Possible Kidney Issue

If you're noticing breakouts around your eyes, you probably want to have your doctor check your kidneys. In addition to breakouts, you might notice dark under eye circles as well. Malfunctioning kidneys are nothing to mess around with so make sure that if you suspect a problem, you get it checked out right away.


Ear Acne Could Mean Dehydration

Think about how much water you drink over the course of the day. Think you're coming up short? Getting pimples on and around your ears will tell you that you could very well be dehydrated. If that's where you tend to breakout, up your water intake and cut back on salt.


Acne on Your Nose Could Indicate Heart Trouble

People who get breakouts on their nose could be suffering from high blood pressure. This is a contributor to heart disease so you definitely don't want to let it go if you suspect it's an issue. The experts say you can combat this problem by avoiding energy drinks, limiting your salt intake and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Where do you get breakouts? What do you think it means?

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I get breakouts on my nose, should I go to the doctor??

Chinese face mapping is not something to take seriously; just visit a dermatologist.

I think I need to go to a doctor

Gurl this post be making me feel like I'm gonna die tomorrow! 😂 lmao

Hos long? I HAd on ny nose.. But it went away eventually

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