The Habits You Need to Maintain for Truly Radiant Skin ...

By Cassandra

The Habits  You Need to Maintain  for Truly Radiant  Skin ...

The secret to having smoother, healthier looking skin involves a lot more than just remembering to moisturize. Winter ⛄ is *always* brutal on my skin. It doesn't matter how much water I drink or which types of lotion I apply, my face and hands always end up feeling really dry. I've tried so many different creams and essential oils to combat the weather ⛅ that I'm practically a part owner of Sephora. Then, I realized that getting flawless skin isn't about blowing a ridiculous amount of cash 💲 on fancy products. It starts right at home.That's why I decided that changing my daily 📅 skincare habits was a must. You would be surprised 😯 at how just tweaking one thing in your everyday routine can make all the difference.

1 Supercharge Your Diet with Antioxidants 🍓🍒

If you want healthy, glowing ⭐ skin, start from the inside first. Eating foods that contain antioxidants such as plums, blueberries, kale and spinach will help your body tackle wrinkle-causing agents. Then you can work your way out by using creams infused with Vitamin A 💊 and coffeeberry.

2 Sweat 💦 It out!

You keep promising yourself to hit the gym 💪 weekly only for your plan to always fall through. Here's one more reason to start sweating. Whenever you exercise, you are naturally toning your skin. The best part is that you don't need gym equipment to sneak a workout in. Anything involving cardio or strength training will put you on the right track to younger-looking skin 👏.

3 Don't Forget to Wash 🛁 Your Face Right after You Exercise 🏃

This is pretty straightforward but definitely needs repeating. I'm totally guilty of this. After getting a quick workout in, I sometimes forget to wash 🛁 away the grime from my face *before* I leave the gym. It may not seem like a big deal but just think about how much sweat 💧 and dirt clogs your pores after an intense workout.

4 Sunscreen Isn't Just for the Beach 🌞

You've always been good at remembering to apply sunscreen before you leave your house on a hot summer day 🍧. But the sun's harmful rays don't disappear once September hits. In reality, we should wear sunscreen every day. Not only will this decrease your chances of getting skin cancer, it'll also make sure your skin tone is evenly balanced no matter the season 👍!

5 Put Your Eye Cream in the Fridge. That's Right, Next to Your Veggies 🍆

If you want to get more out of your eye cream, it should be shacking up with your groceries. Keeping it refrigerated will actually help reduce under-eye bags and swelling. Remember: Placing anything cold ❄️ over a blood vessel will cause it to tighten.

6 Exfoliate Often 👌

Get rid of stubborn acne and wrinkles by exfoliating your skin daily 📅 (or at least twice a week if your skin is super sensitive). I dedicate at least five to ten minutes ⌚ a day ☁️ to gently exfoliating my face with a soft washcloth. It's the perfect 👌 excuse for me-time, a break from the outside stress 😓 waiting for me.

7 Get in Some Much-needed Beauty 🌅 Sleep

Here's another reason for you to get a good night's sleep. Having poor sleeping 😴 habits can do a lot of damage to your skin (two words: dark circles). Clocking in some shut-eye will make you look younger, which is incentive enough!

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