11 Quick Tips for Healthy Radiant Skin ...


11 Quick Tips for Healthy Radiant Skin ...
11 Quick Tips for Healthy Radiant Skin ...

I was recently searching for some tips for healthy, radiant skin and came across some great suggestions that I had to share with you. Sometimes just using certain skin care products isn’t enough to achieve the glowing complexion that we all want. In any case, I think that makes it all the more important for us to share our own tips for healthy, radiant skin so we can all make the most of our skin care routine!

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Eat Citrus Fruits

Eat Citrus Fruits One of the interesting tips for healthy, radiant skin that I read was to eat citrus fruits to help clear up your complexion. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are known to help support your kidney and liver, which are responsible for detoxing your body, so noshing on citrus can help skin look better and feel firmer. Try eating an orange or adding some lemon to your water.


Treat with Tea Tree Oil

Treat with Tea Tree Oil If you have a big day ahead of you and notice a zit forming, apply some tea tree oil ASAP! Tea tree oil is a great alternative if you don’t have any acne treatment on hand. If you’re already using products with benzoyl peroxide, using tea tree in addition to that will likely dry out your skin and irritate it, so make sure you don’t mix the products. To use, test it on your inner wrist first to check for sensitivity. If there was no sensitivity, get a cotton pad or swab and dab on the affected area. If your skin was irritated by the test, dilute it with equal parts water and then apply.


Swap Your Foundation

Swap Your Foundation Did you know that allergy medication can dry out your skin? If you have allergies like me and take medication to help manage it, liquid foundation might exacerbate the dry skin you get as a side effect from the medication. Swap your foundation with a tinted moisturizer or other hydrating formula so you skin looks soft and supple.


Massage Your Skin Care Products

Massage Your Skin Care Products When you’re going through your daily skin care routine, don’t forget the importance of massaging those products in. Take your time and massage your cleanser and moisturizer in circular motions when you apply them to get circulation going and to make your routine a little more pleasurable.


Give Yourself a Pat

Give Yourself a Pat If you use an eye cream, how do you apply it? Do you rub it back and forth or pat it on? Eye cream is said to be more effective when you pat it on since it’s a gentler way of getting circulation going in your skin. Many experts recommend against applying any cream to your lids but recommend applying a pea-sized dollop around the orbital bone.


Thin to Thick

Thin to Thick Another simple tip for healthy skin is to apply your thinnest skin care products first and your thickest products last. This means things like serum or any thin consistency will go on very first. Make sure you don’t apply serum to wet skin as it can prevent it from working. Next, apply moisturizer when the serum has totally dried, and then apply makeup.


Exfoliate for Happy Skin

Exfoliate for Happy Skin I always thought that exfoliating your skin was just to get rid of dead skin cells so your skin will feel smoother, but it also helps to get rid of ingrown hairs. According to Kate Somerville, exfoliating is also helpful in reducing fine lines, improving your skin tone, improving the penetration of skin care products and detoxifying your skin.


Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands Dirty hands are a big no-no if you want healthy skin! Whether you’re washing your face, applying makeup or a skin care product, always wash up first. You also want to follow the same rule with your skin care tools, always keep your washcloth or face brush clean so you’re not getting any dirt or bacteria on your skin.


Relax Your Face

Relax Your Face I’m all for going hard at the gym, but you don’t want it show on your skin. Try to relax your face and neck when you work so you’re not straining your muscles or adding any lines on your face. You might not even be aware that you do it so remind yourself on occasion to relax your face and neck.


Some Products Just Don’t Mix

Some Products Just Don’t Mix I rarely use skin care product from the same brand. I love to try new products so I rarely repurchase the same thing unless I absolutely love it. While trying new products isn’t necessarily a bad thing, we do have to be aware that some skin care products don’t work well together and can even end up inactivating some of the ingredients. This is especially true for AHA, glycolic acid and retinol. Always read labels and see if it advises against mixing it with certain ingredients!


Use Your Lemons

Use Your Lemons The first skin care tip recommended consuming lemons, but you can also use them on your face. Yup, lemons are great for brightening and softening skin, getting rid of blackheads, helping fade age spots and as a toner for oily skin. Try rubbing a lemon on your knees and elbows to soften and smooth them out.

There are so many amazing skin care tips that I didn’t even get to cover and I’m sure you have some of your very own. Have you tried any of these tips before? Do you have any tips you want to share with us?

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A friend of mine uses lemon to lighten her freckles. But people with sensitive skin should not do the lemon treatment at it can burn.


Oat in powder form mixed with alittle yogurt and hot/ cold water realy works too i use it every night after cleaning my face and I leave it for 5-10 mins it gives me smooth bright complection and good thing no side affects .

I never knew the lemon trick! Will have to try it out one day

Amazing tips

Can you use lime as well?

I add tea tree oil to my body lotion -just few drops to a 100ml is sufficient -makes my skin soft and glowing.

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