7 Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid like the Plague ...


7 Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid like the Plague ...
7 Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid like the Plague ...

Do you ever wonder wonder what common skincare mistakes you are making? Most of us have a skincare routine that we follow to keep our skin looking young and healthy. Even though I try hard to take care of my skin, I know that there are times that I don't do enough. Here are some common skincare mistakes that you may be making.

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Not Using Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is one of the best ways to protect your skin from the sun damage. Sunscreen should be applied every day to any area that will be exposed to the sun. It should be applied whether you are going to be spending the day at the beach or driving in your car. When applying sunscreen, the most neglected area is our hands. Be sure to wear a lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen to protect your lips from sun exposure. Skipping sunscreen is probably among the most common skincare mistakes.



Smoking is not only bad for your health, it is bad for your skin too. Smoking ages you quickly. It can destroy many of the vitamins and nutrients that protect your skin. It can make the bags under your eyes bigger and take away your skin's natural glow. Smokers can also develop age spots easier than someone who has had years of sun exposure.


Sleeping in Your Makeup

Most of have done this at least once. We wake up only to realize that we fell asleep without taking our makeup off. Sleeping in your makeup can increase the size of your pores. It can also cause unwanted breakouts and increased wrinkles. Do you struggle with remembering to take your makeup off at night? If so, consider getting some face wipes to put on your nightstand to use.


Not Getting Enough Sleep

Not getting enough beauty sleep is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. I am a night owl, so I struggle with this one. If you are sleep deprived you are likely to have dark circles under your eyes and a dull complexion. Lack of sleep prevents the skin from doing its job. It is not able to renew itself, making wrinkles larger and more visible.


Showering Too Hot

Do you like to take hot showers? I do too. While we may feel like we are getting squeaky clean with a hot shower, we are actually doing damage to our skin. A hot shower removes essential oils from our skin, leaving it red and dry. To better protect your skin, try taking a quick cool shower.


Picking Your Pimples

I am not proud of it, but there have been many times that I have been guilty of picking at my pimples. If you pick at your pimples they will likely get worse. They can even become infected because of the bacteria on your hands. If the infection is severe, you may end up having to visit your doctor for an antibiotic. If you repeatedly pick at your pimples, it will likely leave a scar.


Not Cleaning Makeup Tools

Cosmetic tools get dirty just like anything else. Even ones that are not used can get dusty. Though many of our tools may look clean, they are likely filled with bacteria. This is simply because they touch our faces. It is important to clean your makeup brushes and replace things like sponges and puffs every couple of weeks.

Taking care of our skin can be a hard job, but it is worth it. I have made mistakes along the way and will likely make more. What skincare mistakes have you made? I would love to hear them.

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As soon as I get home my make up comes off. I don't see how people can sleep with it on.

Off to wash my brushes!!

8. Licking my lips - I always apply lip balm and when it fades I just keep licking and they chap

#1 guilty

Gotta clean them brushes and hot showers are no more

Hey can someone answer me, it would really help ,y little lips

all sunscreens turns my skin into oil slick

i have a bad habit of not putting on sunscreen :(

Not getting enough sleep is my problem!

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