9 Skincare Tips for Women in Their 20s ...


9 Skincare Tips for Women in Their 20s ...
9 Skincare Tips for Women in Their 20s ...

Skincare tips for women in their 20s differ much from women in their 30s, 40s, and even teens. Regardless that women in their 20s aren’t that far out of their teenage years, or that far away from nearing their 30s, there are still specific skincare tips for women in their 20s that most of us don’t give enough thought to. Taking on new careers, graduating college, overcoming self identity issues (which we all know we have), and learning to live on our own with tight budgets creates a lot of stress for women during their 20s. Aside from the point we’re young and don’t worry about wrinkles yet, stress, hormonal changes, and changes in our diets can all lead to bad skin, unless we take precautions. That being said, for all you women in your 20s, or even those of you in your late teens, be sure you follow these tips below. They’ll give you radiant skin, and I can testify to each of these tips, as they’ve worked miracles for my skin, which used to be full of acne and sun damage.

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Exercise might not be one of the usual skincare tips for women in their 20s we often hear about, but it is an important one! Exercise helps control stress levels in the body, and it also helps with hormone regulation. When your hormones, primarily cortisol, the stress hormone, are out of control in unhealthy levels, havoc occurs on your skin. Then, take into account that being overweight from not exercising can also lead to hormonal issues such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), or to problems with your metabolism, and you’ve got a whole other issue on your plate probably causing you stress. Exercise also improves blood flow and moves lymph flow through the body. Lymph removes toxins from the body, including those that lead to acne. Be sure when you exercise, you do it without makeup so you avoid unnecessary breakouts. What’s more important to you? Option A, good skin or option B, impressing the people exercising with you with a full face of makeup on? I choose option A anytime!


Eat a Clean Diet

I know, you’re tired of hearing this. We all are, but it really is true! A clean diet does more than give you a great body, hun! It also improves your skin like you wouldn’t believe. Avoid too much salt, highly processed foods, sugar (even natural sources), and avoid problematic foods that might cause issues like gluten for some, dairy for others, and for those of us without intolerances to either of those, just eat clean in general. Don’t eat refined foods or processed diet foods. Foods with an ingredient label should be only from whole food sources, not tons of names you don’t understand. Just remember, drink your water, avoid sugar, and eat lots of greens and fish. Those 4 things will do more for your skin than anything else because each one of those fight inflammation that leads to acne and aid in clearing the skin. For women in their 20s, this is a critical time to eat healthy, especially coming out of the teenage years where junk prevailed most likely, and before you get older where you just stop caring.


Moderate Your Stress

Along with exercise, there are other things you need to do to take care of your hormone health at this time. The 20s are very, very stressful, and doing whatever you can to start helping your hormones and not hurting them will only help your skin, your heart, and your sanity! I control my stress through journaling, meditation (not too serious, just deep breathing), yoga, and daily walks. I also like to spend alone time during the day when I can, even if it’s just during my coffee in the morning, or eating lunch outside in nature. Do what you can and your stress levels will drop, which contributes to helping your skin.


Add Fats

I’m sure in your teens you probably heard fats would make you fat, but by your 20s, I hope you’ve stopped believing this myth. In fact, when I started eating healthy fats, my skin turned around for the better. Healthy fats do two things for your skin. First, they fight inflammation that leads to acne, and secondly, they ward off wrinkles. I don’t know about you, but I’m eating my healthy fats, what about you? I choose raw coconut, fish, almonds, walnuts, hemp, chia, flax, and dark chocolate. Other sources include avocados, olive oil, and coconut oil. Generally, avoiding animal saturated fats is best overall, but don’t avoid plant fats. You’re literally feeding your face when you eat them! Your 20s are the best time to start eating healthy fats so you don’t lose essential collagen in the skin, which is made of protein and fat. Without it, sagging and wrinkles occur much faster and are much harder to reverse. I eat a good bit of fat and look younger now than I did at 16, and in fact, most people don’t believe me when I tell them I’m out of high school and nearing 30.


No Tanning

I know a lot of you aren’t going to like this, but please stop caring about looking like a golden goddess by tanning in the sun and tanning bed. This comes from someone who spent 8 years doing so, and couldn’t get rid of my skin issues no matter what I tried. Trust me, tanning ages you faster than anything else. I had sun damage, wrinkles, and acne, and thought I was doing myself a favor by tanning. Now, I never lie out in the sun, and have accepted this might mean I’m a little paler than I wish. So, I use toxic free tanning lotion during the summer, and during the winter, I just don’t worry about it. Your 20s are a critical time to take care of your skin and stop aging it faster than necessary.


Be Birth Control Smart

If you’re on birth control, you should know you have options. Not all forms of birth control help control acne, and some can even lead to weight gain that causes acne. There are many forms of birth control available, and whatever you choose to do is your decision, but be sure you discuss all forms, including more natural ones that might not affect you the same way the pill typically does.


Supplement Savvy

Another tip you should consider in your 20s is being supplement savvy. What does this mean? It means choosing smart supplements that aren’t diet pills like you’ve heard so much about, but instead, help with your anxiety, hormones, and your skin. I choose to take magnesium daily for controlling anxiety and nervousness, along with helping recover from exercise. Magnesium also helps with staying regular, which is important for clear skin, believe it or not. Other supplements for your skin include fish oil, chlorophyll tablets, and also a good multivitamin with 100% of your daily selenium needs. Selenium wards off wrinkles and also helps your hormone health as a bonus.


Lean Protein

Lean protein is something you hear a lot about, and it’s good for many different things, including your skin. As I mentioned earlier, your 20s are an important time to keep your collagen supply healthy in your skin. Collagen is made of proteins, and by eating lean protein, you’re feeding your muscles and your skin. Lean protein from fish, white poultry (organic preferably), egg whites, and pastured eggs, along with nonfat sources of organic dairy are wonderful for your skin, so long as you tolerate dairy okay. I also recommend using hemp protein powder. Hemp protein is a whole food, and it’s rich in chlorophyll from plants, which helps to cleanse the body, along with nourish the skin. Hemp is the only plant protein to contain all essential amino acids, outside of spirulina, another great source of plant protein that is wonderful for your skin.


Vitamin a

Lastly, let’s talk about Vitamin A. Vitamin A is your skin’s best friend, and in your 20s, you should be eating as much as you can get. It’s much better to get plant sources of Vitamin A than from taking a supplement, which you can actually get too much of. However, the plant form of Vitamin A, known as beta-carotene, can’t be used too much. You might get a little glow to you, but that’s just due to the extra beta-carotene, not because you’re suffering toxicity! Vitamin A wards off and actually reverses wrinkles, and it also prevents and treats acne. The chemical acne treatment Accutane is actually made from chemically derived Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. I prefer just to eat my way to pretty skin, what about you? Get your beta-carotene through sweet potatoes, leafy greens, carrots, winter squash, pumpkin, and spirulina. These are your top sources and trust me, you’ll never believe how much they’ll do for your skin!

If you’re in your 20s, now’s the time to start paying attention to your face. You’ll enter your 30s with glowing skin, and it’s never too late to start taking care of your skin, even if you are already over 30. I reversed my skin almost to the point of not recognizing it each day now, and thankfully, the damage I put it through is now a thing of the past. Try my tips for skincare in your 20s, and hopefully they’ll help you too! What’s your best skin tip?

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