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7 Ways to Clear up Acne without Resorting to Expensive Prescriptions ...

By Artti

People with acne prone skin always want to know ways to clear up acne. Acne is irritating, annoying and can be an eyesore. Plus, many expensive prescriptions only make the problem worse, or there are very little to no results. Instead, there are cheaper alternatives that may not totally clear up your skin but will help noticeably reduce your acne. Here are suggestions on ways to clear up acne.

1 Oils

OilsIt’s ironic to think that one of the ways to clear up acne is by using oil. In fact, today many facial oils are available over the counter, such as argon oil, grape seed oil, tea tree oil, etc... In general, moisturizing your face is vital for glowing skin. Moisturizing with oil is even better because not only do you get a deeper hydration than you would compared to a facial moisturizer, but using facial oils helps to slow down the production of oil from your skin’s own pores, thus reducing blocked pores and naturally oily skin throughout the day.

2 Makeup Brushes

Makeup BrushesNot all bacteria are bad but most still do cause breakouts. Therefore, it’s important to regularly clean your makeup brushes thoroughly. Bacteria can only live on a surface for up to 48 hours; however, if you use your makeup brushes on a daily basis, there will be a buildup of bacteria on your brush. In addition, even though bacteria live on surfaces for a short time, they can survive and reproduce in crevices and environments with little to no air, such as the base/root of your brush/bristles.

3 Water

WaterNothing hydrates the body more than water does. All the moisturizers, hydrating facial masks and oils in the world can only do so much. In reality, your body regenerates itself from the inside out, thus water is the ultimate beauty product!

4 Diet

DietDiets rich in calcium, antioxidants, vitamin E, A and C will help to soothe your skin, slow down aging and help your skin regenerate itself at a faster rate. However, foods rich in fats, sugars and salts will do the opposite. On a side note, foods like blueberries, avocado and plain, non-fat, unsweetened yoghurt make for great facial masks.

5 Don’t Touch Your Face

Don’t Touch Your FaceYour fingers, and your nails especially, carry a lot of bacteria. So break away from the habit of touching your face before washing your hands! In addition, try to avoid leaning against or resting your face on surfaces!

6 Alcohol and Coffee

Alcohol and CoffeeI’ve emphasized that your skin must be hydrated if you want to significantly reduce your acne. I’ve also mentioned that your diet affects your skin. So with that being said, try to keep alcohol and coffee to a minimum. As you might know, both coffee and alcohol dehydrate the body. Although you can rehydrate your body with water, coffee and alcohol also affect how quickly and effectively your body can function, which also includes pore and skin activity.

7 Makeup Ingredients

Makeup IngredientsAvoid products that have ingredients like sulfate, phthalate, BHA, frangrances, dyes, etc. Not only are these dangerous ingredients found in cosmetics that can result in cancers, toxins and other bad reactions, but these ingredients make your skin irritated and more sensitive. Although organic makeup is costly, it’s an investment in your skin. However, don’t be fooled by the word “organic” either – make sure to read the ingredients before purchasing!

Acne makes us all feel self conscious and sometimes we go to desperate measures to rid ourselves from acne. Although expensive prescriptions are an option, try to look for less extreme alternatives first, such as switching your makeup, changing your diet and changing your moisturizing routine. What are other ways to help reduce acne?

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