7 Ways to Clear up Acne without Resorting to Expensive Prescriptions ...

People with acne prone skin always want to know ways to clear up acne. Acne is irritating, annoying and can be an eyesore. Plus, many expensive prescriptions only make the problem worse, or there are very little to no results. Instead, there are cheaper alternatives that may not totally clear up your skin but will help noticeably reduce your acne. Here are suggestions on ways to clear up acne.

1. Oils

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It’s ironic to think that one of the ways to clear up acne is by using oil. In fact, today many facial oils are available over the counter, such as argon oil, grape seed oil, tea tree oil, etc... In general, moisturizing your face is vital for glowing skin. Moisturizing with oil is even better because not only do you get a deeper hydration than you would compared to a facial moisturizer, but using facial oils helps to slow down the production of oil from your skin’s own pores, thus reducing blocked pores and naturally oily skin throughout the day.

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