5 Tips to Shrink Pores for Radiantly Glowing Skin ...


5 Tips to Shrink Pores for Radiantly Glowing Skin ...
5 Tips to Shrink Pores for Radiantly Glowing Skin ...

Are you looking for tips to shrink your pores? You aren't the only one. Luckily, there are some things you can do.

Do you ever feel like your skin looks like a coral reef, even after applying a full face of makeup? Here’s a quick guide to shrinking and managing your pores and my best tips to shrink pores.

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Egg Whites

One typically doesn’t respond well to being caught with egg on their face, but trust me when I say that egg whites are pore-slayers. Begin by separating your eggs. This can be done traditionally or by using an empty water bottle to suck up and transfer the yolks. Save these! They’re actually fantastic for your hair! Whip the egg whites until slightly frothy and apply generously to your face. After the whites have completely dried, which should be when your face feels like it’s been shrink-wrapped, rinse away with warm water. (Psst! Bonus tip: splashing cold water on your face afterward will really keep those pores closed.) That's one of the best tips to shrink pores, but there are more, so keep reading.


Witch Hazel

This should come as no surprise because by now most people know that witch hazel is a magical (hah!) cure for acne, scars, discoloration, sensitivity, and you guessed it, large pores. Use a cotton pad to dab witch hazel onto dry, clean skin.


Find Your Perfect Pore-filling Primer

Unfortunately, there is no one single product that works for everyone, but if you focus on products that are geared toward creating a blurred base, you’re sure to find your match made in heaven. The MILK Makeup Blur Stick is fantastic at creating this effect, but for the woman on a budget, opt for an affordable drug store item such as Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser or Hard Candy’s Pore Primer stick.


Grab Your Favorite Eyeshadow Blending Brush

After applying your preferred foundation with your usual method, locate any areas where the foundation just doesn’t quite cover your pores. For me, this is my nose and high cheekbones. With just a dab of foundation on your blending brush, apply to these spots in circular motions, working outward until pores vanish.


Remember That You Are Beautiful No Matter What

Pores exist because our skin needs to breath. Having pores is not a bad thing. It is okay to have fun creating stunning makeup looks, while still knowing that your pores do not make you any less perfect.

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