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Perfect Ways on How to Deal with Sensitive Skin ...

By Areum

Every girl needs some ways to deal with sensitive skin. Those of us with sensitive skin know the challenge of finding skincare products that are going to address our needs while also containing ingredients that are not irritating to our skin. There are many products out there that claim to be all-natural or that cater to sensitive skin, but you never really know which products to trust.

Take it from a sensitive skin girl herself, the world of skincare beauty can be quite the challenge to explore. So, here are a few tips and products that I have found to help with finding skincare products for sensitive skin that works! These ways to deal with sensitive skin will have you looking and feeling great in no time.

1 Understand Your Skin

One of the best ways to deal with sensitive skin is to understand it. Just like every person is unique and different, so is your skin! There are a lot of different factors that fall into what it means to have sensitive skin. Some skin may not be able to take a lot of exposure to chemicals. Some may be extra dry. There is really a very wide variety of what it means to have “sensitive” skin. Track when your skin acts up the most. Is it when you use a product that is too rough on your face? Is it when you use a lotion with chemicals. Once you understand what your skin is like, it will be easier to take care of it.

2 Find Which Ingredients Your Skin Likes and Dislikes

Some products/ingredients that are known as holy grails to others may not work quite as well for you. So it helps to figure out exactly which ingredients suit your skin. Try to figure out by keeping track of the main active ingredients in the products that you buy, and test it out on yourself for a week or two. Note the reactions that your skin has and if your skin has positive reactions, test out more products that have that ingredient! Soon enough you’ll know exactly what your skin likes and dislikes.

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3 All-natural, Sensitive, for All Skin Type Labels May Not Always Be the Case!

Not saying that companies are claiming to be something that they’re not. But, just because a product claims to be for sensitive skin doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you! More than such claims, look at the company and ingredients. Your skin will thank you for it later.

4 Sometimes Home Remedies Are the Way to Go!

With DIY home remedies, you know exactly what you are putting on your skin and the control is all up to you! And, you know that the ingredients that you are using are in fact all-natural. Here are some of the most popular home remedies that exist on the internet:

· Mix a little bit of avocado, Greek yogurt and honey in a bowl. Spread on your face for a hydrating face mask!

· Squeeze a little bit of lemon juice and mix with water. Apply onto your acne scars for a dark spot lightening treatment!

· Cut up a fresh aloe plant and rub its juices all over your face. Keep it on for a few minutes and wash off with warm water.

· Mix brown sugar and honey for a quick and easy face scrub.

5 Some of My PERSONAL Tips

· Choose a cleaner that is light but will do the job. A lot of times people opt for cream cleansers because they are effective in bubbling up and cleaning the skin. However, I found that cream cleansers can be too heavy for me. So I opt for gel, oil, or even bar facial soap cleansers. I found that the right products can do the same job but leave my face feeling a lot cleaner than cream cleansers do.

· Always use a cleaning toner. Even if you use a cleanser, there are always little bits of dirt or makeup that are stuck deep within your pores. A cleansing toner will make sure to grab all of that up and make sure your skin is squeaky clean.

· Sometimes simple is better. I’ve always dreamed of having a 10-step super luxurious and expensive skincare routine. It may sound like a hassle to some, but to those who are into beauty, it’s the routine that we always dream of. But, I found that a lot of the time my skin doesn’t react well to expensive and complex products. Sometimes, the simplest and cheapest light-weight lotion from the drugstore may work the best.

· Don’t be discouraged if it takes time! Your skin isn’t going to magically get better overnight. Finding a good skincare routine takes time and patience. So don’t get frustrated when something doesn’t work out. Just pass it on, and try again.

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