8 Sun Safety Tips You Need ...


8 Sun Safety Tips You Need ...
8 Sun Safety Tips You Need ...

We all need some tips for staying safe in the sun. It’s so important, no matter how busy you are, to take sun safety seriously. It doesn’t need to be 92 degrees, even 75 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to need sun protection. Here are eight tips for staying safe in the sun.

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Wear a Hat

fashion accessory, girl, headgear, smile, fun, Whether you’re gardening, biking, at the beach, or will be walking outside at a shopping plaza, wear a wide brim hat. Take one along if it’s rainy or cloudy because the weather could change. This is one of the best tips for staying safe in the sun.


Stay inside from 2 to 4pm

tradition, girl, event, ceremony, family, Unless you are in an air-conditioned car and going to an air-conditioned building, stay inside. If you are at the beach be sure to stay hydrated, cool, and under an umbrella. 2pm is also a good time to have a late lunch or go to the snack shack.


Keep Children under 5 in an SPF Tent at the Beach

face, sand, head, child, material, Young children and babies, when resting at the beach, need to be in a tent that is SPF protected.


Take Water Everywhere You Go

nose, chin, mouth, ear, audio, I literally mean everywhere you go. Take a water bottle with you.


Reapply Sunscreen

product, muscle, recreation, girl, fun, Be sure to reapply sunscreen after swimming and as often as the sunscreen bottle indicates.


Wear Light Colors

eyewear, vision care, glasses, sunglasses, blond, Black and dark purple are not ideal colors in the summer sun as they hold onto the heat more. Light green, light pink, and white are ideal colors to wear.


Do Not Drink Lemonade and Pop at the Beach

swimwear, vacation, sunglasses, summer, fun, Sugary drinks only make you more dehydrated. Only water at the beach.


Pull Your Kids out of School on Hot Days if They Have No Air Conditioner

phenomenon, speech, font, photo caption, song, Many schools, such as in New York State, do not have air conditioners and rooms are getting up into the high eighties. Children cannot learn in these environments. Pull your children from school on hot days and teach them at home. Join the PTA and demand all school buildings contain an air conditioner that they will use when the weather outside reaches a certain temperature. Children, and teachers should not be exposed to 88-degree rooms.

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