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6 Simple Ways to Make Your Skin Glow Overnight ...

By Carly

You might think that the time when you sleep is a time when you can’t really be doing much for your health and beauty other than rest and relaxation, but you would be wrong! When it comes to skincare, there are plenty of things that you can do overnight in order to make your appearance better in the day. You are laying there still for hours and hours, so why not make the most of it!? Here are six simple ways to make your skin glow overnight.

1 Rice and Sesame Scrub

Making a scrub out of these two ingredients can have an amazing effect on your skin. Soak equal amounts of rice and sesame seeds overnight in a little water and grind them to make a scrub in the morning. Apply on your face and body and leave for two minutes before washing off in your morning shower!

2 Sleeping Packs

All you need to do is go down the skincare aisle of your local supermarket to see how popular overnight face masks have become. If you can stand to lay that still as you sleep, then you can get lots of great moisturisation before you have even woken up in the morning.

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3 Milk

Milk is a great natural product that can help your skin to glow. All you need to do is apply a very thin layer of the low-fat variety on your face and massage with upward strokes. The milk will be absorbed into your skin overnight and then you can wash your face gently in the morning.

4 Honey Sugar Scrub

Another great scrub that you can easily prepare is made from honey and brown sugar. The sweet abrasiveness will help to exfoliate your skin overnight, and all you need to do to unlock the glowing properties is give your face a gentle wash when you wake up.

5 Eye Creams

Don’t forget to pay attention to your eyes as well as the skin on your face. There are plenty of great gels and creams that you can apply overnight to wake up with a much more vibrant look and feel. If your skin is glowing, you definitely want your eyes to be able to match the energy and aesthetic!

6 Face Oils

If you suffer from particularly dry skin, then exposing your face to oils overnight can help to inject some much-needed moisture into it that will serve you will over the course of the day. An overnight oil with a gentle wash and scrub in the morning is the perfect way to prepare your skin for the day ahead. The more regular your routine becomes, the healthier your skin is going to look and feel in the long run.

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