Make Cellulite Less Noticeable with These 6 Helpful Tips and Tricks ...

Unless you are one of the most blessed women on this entire planet, it’s pretty safe to assume that you are going to have to deal with varying degrees of cellulite over your lifetime. In the grand scheme of things, cellulite isn’t the worst thing to have to live with, but there is no doubting that it can have a negative impact on your body confidence and your self-esteem. Here is how to make cellulite less noticeable if you are having a tough time coming to terms with yours.

1. Fake Tan

There is nothing wrong with a little fake tan every now and then, and when you apply it in a correct and recommended way, it can hide a lot of the visible traits of cellulite. The visuals of so-called ‘orange peel’ are much less apparent on darker coloured skin, so the darker you can make your skin through tanning and fake tanning, the better chance you have of hiding it!