Make Cellulite Less Noticeable with These 6 Helpful Tips and Tricks ...


Make Cellulite Less Noticeable with These 6 Helpful Tips and Tricks ...
Make Cellulite Less Noticeable with These 6 Helpful Tips and Tricks ...

Unless you are one of the most blessed women on this entire planet, it’s pretty safe to assume that you are going to have to deal with varying degrees of cellulite over your lifetime. In the grand scheme of things, cellulite isn’t the worst thing to have to live with, but there is no doubting that it can have a negative impact on your body confidence and your self-esteem. Here is how to make cellulite less noticeable if you are having a tough time coming to terms with yours.

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Fake Tan

There is nothing wrong with a little fake tan every now and then, and when you apply it in a correct and recommended way, it can hide a lot of the visible traits of cellulite. The visuals of so-called ‘orange peel’ are much less apparent on darker coloured skin, so the darker you can make your skin through tanning and fake tanning, the better chance you have of hiding it!


Leg Toning

Do as much as you can to firm up the large muscles on your legs, in those places where the cellulite likes to make itself most apparent. Time to get in the attic and bring out that old Thigh Master that your mum used to love, because it’s the kind of thing that will help you to focus on those specific body parts perfectly. It won’t technically get rid of the cellulite, but the more toned the areas are, the less visible it will be.


Green Tea

Green tea is pretty much a miracle food when it comes to health and beauty properties. It is super rich in antioxidants and will help to speed up your metabolism better than most other things, along with ridding your body of toxins. This whole thing generally results in weight loss, and of course, with weight loss, comes a reduction in the visibility of any cellulite in fatty leg areas.


Avoid Sugary Drinks

Unsurprisingly, sugar and glucose of any kind aren’t good news for your general health and your cellulite. Try to avoid carbonated drinks of any kind. They are probably much more sugary than you even imagine so stick to plain old water and amazing green tea instead!



The better your circulation is to the areas affected by cellulite, the better chance you have of it being less visible. Get yourself a really handy small massager that you can use on yourself on a regular basis. It will help to stimulate the cellulite area and make it much softer, tighter, brighter, and smoother overall!


Natural Remedies

If all else fails, then you can always opt for one of the several natural remedies that have been used by generations of women for years and years. One of the most popular is using black coffee residue, refrigerating the leftovers and then mixing them with some olive oil to make a scrub to use on the cellulite areas. The science is undecided on how much help it can do, but generations of women can’t be wrong!

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