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How to Make Weird Tan Lines Fade Quickly ...

By Carly

The best thing about this current heatwave most of us are experiencing is that it means we get to top up and perfect some wonderful summer tans. The worst thing, however, is that it is not socially acceptable to lay around in the park totally naked, and therefore we all end up with unsightly and annoying tan lines in places where we would rather be golden brown! Nobody wants to end up looking like some sort of tanned zebra thanks to the various swimsuit and clothing lines that we are stuck with, but don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to ease the situation. Here is how to make weird tan lines fade more quickly!

1 Shower Scrub

Get stuck in with a nice shower scrub as your first course of action. You want to slough off that top layer of skin because that is the best thing to do to start encouraging the fading process. Of course, if you are sunburned, then wait a few days because this will just cause you unnecessary pain!

2 Lemon Juice Mix

Dilute a bunch of lemon juice with some honey and apply it to your tan lines for about 25 minutes. The lemon juice is a natural exfoliant that doesn’t require any scrubbing to work, and the acidity mixed with the honey will work to break away at those colour change lines in no time.


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3 Cucumber

We use cucumber slices on our eyes because they are super hydrating and super high in vitamin C, so it makes sense that these benefits will help with tan lines too. They will be able to nourish the affected areas. Either lay some slices along your lines or puree them up into a paste for spreading purposes.

4 Potato Slices

Potatoes are another thing that hold lots of water, and the moisture inside them can really help to hydrate sunburn and reduce redness in tan lines. Let some slices sit on your affected areas for about 15 minutes.

5 Self Tanner

If all else fails, you can always go the artificial route and top up the patchy parts of your body with some self tanner! Don’t go too crazy with it though, because if you go too dark then you are going to have to enter in to a never-ending cycle of trying to match up your skin to your tan lines and vice versa!

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