3 Homemade Facial Popsicles That You Need to Make Right Now ...


3 Homemade Facial Popsicles  That You Need  to Make Right Now  ...

Oh, haven’t you heard? Facial popsicles are a thing now, and they are absolutely perfect for this summer heat wave! Before you get confused, no, these aren’t things that you make to eat, they are just a fun way to apply some beneficial nutrients and products to your face whilst also enjoying some amazing cooling effects in the process. They are easy to make and there are already some really cool recipes out there online. Here are three of our favorite**facial popsicle recipes** that you need to make right now!

1 Charcoal Smoothie

What you need for this first popsicle is Greek yogurt and active charcoal. Mix the two components together and freeze them up in an ice lolly mold. The two ingredients work perfectly with each other to create a melting and cooling solution that you can spread across your face for relief from the heat and a deep clean. Leave on the skin for about five to ten minutes.

2 Calm down

The Calm Down popsicle is for skin that is prone to inflammation, redness, and irritation. The special ingredients are turmeric and cucumber water which come together to smooth out redness and add much-needed hydration to your face. It might smell great, but please remember this is just for rubbing on your skin, not eating! (Just mix turmeric and cucumber water together and freeze it).

3 Just Rosey

This recipe involves combining rose water, coconut water, and fresh mint into a wonderful frozen popsicle. It will both hydrate and cleanse your skin, and the addition of the fresh mint will also provide some toner as well. The Just Rosey popsicle is the perfect choice for just experiencing an overall, beneficial skin routine in this fun new and trendy way of approaching summer skincare!