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5 Exotic Body Butters That Will Make You Feel like an Amazonian Goddess ...

By Hilda

Deep in the Amazon rainforest lays beauty secrets that will turn you into a goddess. It may be a bold statement, but once you apply these exotic body butters you will be worshipped at the altar of beauty. In alphabetical
order, let’s get started.

1 Bacuri Butter

This butter is extracted from the seeds of the bacuri fruit. When pressed, the seeds give a light brown to dark brown/black butter. It has 5% fatty palmitoleic acid (the yumminess that keeps skin moisturized). This makes it the leader of the pack in moisturizing. Normally,

most body butters have 0.5-1.5 fatty acid.It is actually one of the best moisturizers for very dry skin. It penetrates deep into the skin and adds moisture. Its efficiency is kicked up a notch higher because it has a high absorption rate and all its goodness makes it deep into the skin.To sum it up, bacuri butter is moisturizer on steroids. Besides its moisturizing properties, bacuri butter also has healing properties. It treats age spots, scars, stretch marks, and even rheumatoid and arthritis. To crown it all, it gives your skin a golden skin tone, making you look like a goddess.

2 Cupuacu Butter

If you love cocoa butter, you are going to swoon over cupuacu butter. By the way, the two are cousins, but cupuacu is the star in the family. To begin with, it is the most powerful antioxidant moisturizer in nature. It even surpasses shea butter by 2 times. Just to bring you up to speed, antioxidants are the army that fights for

your skin. They defend your skin against free radicals that come about because of aging, sun damage, and skin exposure to environmental pollutants. Sadly, free radicals are the biggest cause of aging. They cause fine lines, wrinkling, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and dry and flaky skin.Luckily, if you are looking for an anti-aging cream cupuacu butter has got your back. It keeps the skin smooth, soft ,supple and keeps you looking like an ageless goddess. Another bonus is that it smells like chocolate and pineapple.

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3 Murumuru Butter

Do you have sensitive skin? Everything you apply stings and burns. You are in luck. Murumuru butter is hypoallergenic and will not react with your skin. Actually, it relieves itching and redness. So where does it come from? This butter is cold pressed from the kernels

of the murumuru palm that grows mainly in the wet areas of the Amazon forest. In addition to soothing sensitive skin, it is an amazing treatment for acne. For starters, murumuru butter has a high concentration of lauric fatty

acid at 47%. This fatty acid has antibacterial properties and fights off Propionibacterium acnes - the bacteria that causes acne. To sweeten the deal, it is non–comedogenic, i.e it does not clog the pores. It is also non greasy and smells wonderful. Consistent use of the butter brings relief to acne. Together with being, antibacterial it is also antiviral and antiseptic. It can be used to treat mild abrasions. Overall, murumuru butter is the go-to butter for healing you back into a goddess.

4 Ucuuba Butter

Just like murumuru, the ucuuba tree grows in the flooded regions of the Amazon forest. It is a wild palm that produces a small red fruit that looks like a nutmeg. Coincidentally, it is also called the wild nutmeg. The fruit yields up to 50% of fat of its dry weight when cold pressed. Consequently, it is very hard in its natural state. It actually has the consistency of beeswax. To improve its usability, it is usually blended with other butters like shea. When applied, ucuuba butter penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin and regenerates collagen (the protein that holds up the skin). In addition, to its moisturizing abilities, it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and

antiparasitic. It is used in treating acne, eczema, dry or irritated skin. Because of its exceptionally high fatty acids, it is an amazing moisturizer for all skin types from dry to mature even oily skin. For a simple DIY body butter, mix ucuuba butter and shea butter in the ratio of 1: 4.

5 Tucuma Butter

The tucuma palm is very closely related to murumuru palm. Therefore,its chemical composition is very similar to murumuru butter. Tucuma butter is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols. These antioxidants help fight free radical that cause damage and aging of the skin. They help in boosting cell regeneration. Other than being anti-aging, tucuma butter is also very rich in fatty acids that deeply moisturize the skin. It helps improves the skin elasticity, making it smooth and supple. To sweeten the deal it has a sweet smell of coffee-caramel and it is

Reaping the benefits
All these butters from the Amazon rainforest will give you the amazing skin of a goddess. These butters can be used stand-alone or as blends with other oils. Don’t be shy. Treat yourself to these amazing beauty butters.

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