7 Body Butter Benefits for Girls Who Want Amazing Skin ...


7  Body Butter Benefits for Girls Who Want Amazing Skin ...
7  Body Butter Benefits for Girls Who Want Amazing Skin ...

Body butter is a step up from traditional lotion. It’s made with the butter that comes from seeds or other plant materials. When you use it, there are a multitude of body benefits. If you have really dry skin, body butter could be just what you need to get it back to normal again. Look for body butters at drugstores or talk to your dermatologist about which one would work best for you. You are going to love what body butter can do for you. Here are the top benefits of using it.

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Body Butter is Thicker than Regular Lotion

If you want something really rich and thick for your skin, body butter is what you’re after. Most body butters don’t contain any water, which makes them thicker than the average bottle of skin lotion. Don’t let that fool you though because body butters are a prime choice for pumping your skin full of hydration.


You Can Use Body Butter Anywhere on Your Body

No matter where you need some extra hydration, body butter is the answer. You can slather the stuff anywhere you get dry skin. That includes your hands, feet, arms, legs, elbows, chest, belly and even your face. Anywhere you want soft, silky skin is perfect for body butter. Try it – you’ll see!


Body Butter is Usually Free of Harsh Chemicals

If you want natural skincare products, body butter is a great choice. Many kinds are all-natural and don’t contain all the chemicals and harsh ingredients you find in traditional bottles of lotion. Read the ingredients to be sure, but in general, body butter is a more natural choice than other products.


Body Butter Absorbs Quickly

If you’re worried that body butter is greasy and will get all over your clothes, stop freaking out. In fact, body butter absorbs really quickly so you should be able to get dresses not long after you rub it in. Use it right after a shower for even more benefits.


There Are Lots of Choices when It Comes to Choosing a Body Butter

You’ve probably heard of shea and cocoa butter, which are probably the most popular types of body butter. They aren’t your only choice though. Other options include body butters made with sunflower oil, jojoba oil, mango, meadowfoam sea oil and hemp seed oil. You can also find combination body butters. Some stores will even mix you up the combination of your choice. Experiment to find the one that works best for you.


Body Butter Contains Loads of Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are an important component to healthy skin. Because body butters are made with primarily plant ingredients, they are loaded with fatty acids. When you slather the body butter into your skin, it’s infused with those nutrients, which helps your skin stay smooth and beautiful all day and night.


Body Butter Isn’t Expensive

It might sound luxurious and decadent (and it is!), but body butter won’t break the bank. You can find it for as little as $5 at some drugstores. Granted, some versions carry a higher price tag, but the point is that you can find it in a wide range of costs, so you are sure to find a body butter you love that fits your budget.

Have you ever tried body butter? What makes you love it so much? If you haven’t tried it, will you now?

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Love body shop body butter ? Any other brand witty trying pls tell

Cocoa butter is amazing. Always leaves my skin baby soft

Soap & glory

how are you

My manager gave me her body butter from Bath & Body Works ! God ! That stuff was glorious ! I was scared to use the last bit of it . Its so moisturizing and smells great !

Can someone recommend a good brand of body butter?

Love this.

Worth ***


I love the body butters at The Body Shop. They have different sizes too, so you're not limited to just finishing the one big one before trying another kind.

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