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Trend Alert Fermented Skincare is Making Headlines ...

By Eliza

No doubt you’ve heard all about how healthy fermented foods are. They balance your gut bacteria due to the probiotics they contain. Turns out that fermentation can also be beneficial for your skin. Research proves it! However, as with anything else you put on your skin, you should definitely talk to your dermatologist before starting a new skincare routine, especially if you have a skin condition like eczema or acne. Here’s everything you need to know about fermented skincare.

1 Fermentation Makes Skincare More Potent

When the ingredients in skincare products are fermented, they are much more concentrated than traditional products. That means a huge boost to the benefits they offer your skin. This trend started in Korea and the research behind it proves that fermented products are more beneficial than the ones you’re used to using.

2 Fermented Ingredients Absorb Better into the Skin

Not only are fermented ingredients more potent, but they also absorb more easily into the skin, further enhancing their benefits. When you apply fermented skincare to your face (or anywhere on your body), the benefits are magnified. Why wouldn’t you want to try that?

3 There Are Fewer Preservatives in Fermented Skincare

Most skincare products contain preservatives to help prolong the shelf life. When a product is fermented, on the other hand, it stabilizes its lifespan without having to add all those preservatives. That’s great news if you want to use products that contain mostly natural ingredients. Experts say that fermented skincare products last just as long as traditional ones. That’s great news!

4 You Can Use Fermented Products on Sensitive Skin

Because of how fermented skincare is processed, it’s ideal for all skin types, including for girls who have sensitive skin. It can be hard to find good quality skincare that doesn’t exacerbate sensitivity, so you might be surprised at how wonderful fermented skincare will make your skin look and feel.

5 Fermented Skincare Can Fight Acne

Because fermented skincare is said to encourage cell renewal, it might be able to help you battle acne. If you’re prone to breakouts, chances are you’d do anything to get rid of the issue, right? It’s time to try fermented stuff if that’s the case for you. You don’t have anything to lose and lots to gain.

6 Fight the Signs of Aging with Fermentation

As I said above, fermented skincare products help encourage cell renewal, which means you look young and radiant all the time. If you want to fight off wrinkles, fine lines and age spots, you will be really impressed with fermented skincare. Now that I’m in my 30s, anti-aging is definitely something I think about a lot. So fermented skincare is definitely on my to-try list and I think it should be on yours to.

7 You Might Have to Buy Online, for Now

More research is being done regarding the benefits of fermented skincare, but there is a lot of positive buzz about it in the skincare world. Right now, it’s hot in Korea, but the availability is a little less plentiful in other parts of the world. That means you may need to purchase fermented products online. However, I have a feeling they’ll be showing up on more and more store shelves as time goes by.

Have you ever tried a fermented skincare product? What was it like? After reading this, do you think you’d ever try fermented skincare?

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