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DIY Natural Face Cleanser with Oats and Coconut Oil ...

By Leiann

I have become interested in oats lately. Super cheap at the dollar store. Healthy for your skin. A win-win situation! Watch the video to learn **how to make a natural face cleanser **.

All you need to go with the oats is coconut oil! You can find it at your local dollar store and of course, oats too!

What is my favorite part of the presentation? To use oats and coconut oil as a mask. Personally, I find masks to be too expensive. Now, I can treat myself to a week's worth of daily masks for $2.00!

Want to give your gal pals something little? Share! Make in big batches and give in little jars.

Cute, huh?

I hope you have found this video to be helpful!

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