7 Essential Pointers on Making Your Spray Tan Last ...


7 Essential Pointers on Making Your Spray Tan Last ...
7 Essential Pointers on Making Your Spray Tan Last ...

Sometimes it seems like just when you get your tan perfect, it starts fading and you’re left figuring out means of making your spray tan last! Well, I did my homework on this hot topic and it turns out there are a few tricks out there to make your foxy glow last as long as possible! Keep reading for tips on making your spray tan last and get ready, set, glow!

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Before we start talking about making your spray tan last, let’s talk about doing something before you start your spray tan which can make a huge difference: exfoliating. Exfoliating your skin before you start spray tanning helps remove dead skin cells and any product buildup so the product goes on evenly and helps your tan last longer. Do this a day or two before you start your spray tan for best results.



Spray tans typically last around seven days, so in order for you to get the most out of it, always allow it to dry thoroughly. I’ve had those days or nights when a spray tan just doesn’t seem to dry fast enough, but be patient! Avoid having a splotchy tan or premature fading by allowing the product to dry thoroughly and standing in front of a fan to help it dry faster.



Another self-tanning tip is to frequently moisturize your skin after you’ve applied the self-tanning product. Not only does your skin look better when it’s properly moisturized but it helps prevent skin from drying out and causing more dead skin cells. One thing to remember is to apply lotion after you've applied the product and showered. If you apply lotion before you shower, it could cause streaking.


Skip the Shower

This self-tanning tip recommends that you skip the shower, hot tub, bath, pool or working out and avoid the rain for at least 5-8 hours after you've applied your self-tanner. Although the product might feel dry to the touch, there’s still a possibility that getting your skin wet can cause streaking or running and you want to allow your tan sufficient time to develop.



Once you’ve allowed sufficient time to dry and you take a shower or bath, it’s very important that you blot or pat your skin dry. Rubbing your skin with a towel can cause your tan to rub off or fade. Also, if you want to shave, once a day has passed, you can feel free to shave. If you can, use a new or sharp razor so your tan doesn’t fade from the razor on your skin.


Create a Barrier

Another self-tanning tip that I haven’t tried out for myself yet is to create a barrier between you and your tan when you shower. Some tanning experts suggest that applying baby oil to your skin before you shower will create a barrier and your tan will last longer. This doesn’t sound like a tip you want practice regularly but if you have a special event, it could help keep your tan looking lovely longer.



No matter how good the tanning product is, you’ll eventually want to touch-up the tan. The good thing about touching up your tan is that the more you do it, your skin will get used to it and start to hold the tan longer. Don’t reapply the spray tan daily or you could run the risk of having an uneven tan or it looking unnatural. Wait a few days and use a gradual self-tanner to prolong your glow.

Self-tanning is a very safe and easy way to get some color but there are some extra steps that can make it look better and last longer. Follow these easy tips to prolong the life of your faux tan and get the most out of your glow. Do you have any tips or tricks to make your spray tan last longer?

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I use coconut oil as part of my regular skincare regime. I have used it on a spray tan and showered a few hours later I think any oil would create a barrier and unless you are drenching in the oil right before you shower I can't see how this would be dangerous it absorbs into your skin. I rate all these tips. Don't skip applying a lotion barrier around your feet, your inner wrist and on your palms and fingers - a good layer of lotion to these areas will allow the tanner to get the top of your feet and you fingers properly once you are sprayed and dry get a towel and carefully wipe off anything unnatural. Have you done tips to remove Spray Tans yet? I'm newish to AWS.

OMG don't ever use baby oil while in a shower or bath! Oil obviously doesn't mix with water, it floats on top of it, so the second you step on a wet surface with oil on the skin, SLIP!

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