9 Home Remedies for Skin Care Issues ...

Care to learn how to make some home remedies for skin care issues? I thought you would! There are certain skin care issues that we experience that can be treated with some simple home remedies, so why not try them out?! Whether your skin is producing too much oil or you’re in need of a spot treatment for acne, there are many home remedies for skin care issues you can whip up in a few simple steps!

1. Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne Prone Skin

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One of the best home remedies for skin care issues is to use apple cider vinegar! Apple cider vinegar is not only affordable and all-natural, it’s also Scarlett Johansson’s skin care secret! ScarJo says she uses ACV for a face wash and she finds it really helpful in healing skin that’s breaking out. Ladies with normal skin can dab some ACV on the blemish before going to sleep and those with sensitive skin can mix one part ACV with one part water.

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