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9 Natural Skincare Treatments for All Skin Types ...

By Heather

Finding natural skincare treatments that work for all skin types is hard! All of us are different and unique in our own way and so is our skin! That's why I've come up with the top 9 natural skincare treatments that really do work on each individual skin and can actually help improve your skin! So girls, you ready to explore some natural skincare treatment options that can really help clear up your blemishes, kick the oil out of your skin or treat your dry skin!

1 Acne-Prone Skin: Scrubs & Masks

One natural skincare treatment that every acne-prone skin girl should use is scrubs and maskes! The thing about acne is that it is all about oil build up. Once you clear the oil out, you'll be able to keep your blemishes down and your skin looking clear! So find a scrub that works for you or make one yourself and you'll see just how great your skin looks!

2 Oily Skin: Water-Based Moisturizers

Another natural skincare treatment that really works if you have oily skin is using water-based moisturizers. These can be found at the best spas or even online, you just have to look for them! Make sure that whatever moisturizer you choose, it's got water for the base and you'll be fine!


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3 Combination Skin: Gentle Cleanser

Let's say that you have combination skin and are looking for the right natural skincare treatment that will actually work for your skin type – the key is a gentle cleanser! Find yourself an all natural cleanser that is super gentle but will take care of the oily parts of your skin and also keep the dry parts moisturized.

4 Dry Skin: Emollient Moisturizer

Dry skin is something that is super, super common, it's actually my skin type! Did you know that if you have dry skin, it's actually just a loss of natural oils in your skin? An emollient moisturizer can actually replenish your skin completely and add the natural oils right back in! Give this natural skincare treatment a try ladies!

5 All Skin Types: Light Weight Serums

Finally, a natural skincare treatment that works for any and all skin types is actually using light weight serums on your skin. Serums are a great alternative to a moisturizer or you can even use it with your moisturizer! Try to find the serum that works for you!

6 Exfoliate Once a Week

Exfoliating your skin at least once a week is another natural skincare treatment option will rid your skin of dead skincells and really help to keep it glowing and beautiful. I use a strawberry mash mask and use the seeds to exfoliate. Try it ladies!

7 Careful around the Eye Area

Whenever you are dealing with your face, one thing that you want to be careful of is around the eye area. Whether it is because you are putting cream around your eyes or makeup, just be gentle and pat. That way the skin around your eyes won't get damaged!

8 Use Makeup Primer

A really good makeup primer is a great addition to any and all skincare treatments! Makeup primer can actually really help keep your makeup looking fresh and keep it on the entire day and night!

9 Avoid Lotion on T-Zones

Finally, ladies the last natural skincare treatments that we are going to talk about is avoiding putting lotion on your t-zone areas. Your t-zone typically is the oiliest part of your skin, so you never should add in more moisturizer or lotion there.

So ladies, there you have it! My top 9 natural skincare treatments that really do work! No matter what skin type you have, these natural skincare treatments will work! So girls, what other skincare treatments do you use?

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