8 Great Uses for Vaseline ...


8 Great Uses for Vaseline ...
8 Great Uses for Vaseline ...

That iconic big tub of petroleum jelly in your bathroom called Vaseline has made itself into a household staple. It may look plain and boring to the naked eye but in fact, Vaseline is known for its infinite number of uses. Vaseline plays its part in beauty, skincare and even solving household problems. Below are a few incredibly useful and unique uses for Vaseline. It’s petroleum jelly time!

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Lip Balm/ Hand Moisturizer

This unscented and unflavored jelly is great for a quick spread on the lips or a dab on the hands. Famous for it’s ability to moisturize, Vaseline brings the moisture without the grease or icky-ness. Always keep a little tub in your purse for emergency lip action or just coat your lips at night to wake up to soft kissable lips. Bonus: use to soften elbows, knees and heels during the winter.


Avoid Chafing/rashes

Want the airy feel of a light skirt without the annoyance of bike shorts underneath? If you have problems with thigh chafing in the summer, spread some Vaseline where your thighs might rub to avoid chafing or inflammation. Another great use for Vaseline is to help avoid rashes. Uses some on your neck to avoid rashes from shirt collars or other places where a rash might form.


Helps Perfume Last Longer

This little unknown trick is great use for Vaseline. To ensure your perfume scent stays on longer, rub a little Vaseline on your wrists or neck before spraying. The Vaseline somewhat captures the scent and allows it to be more evenly distributed throughout the day. Longer lasting perfume and moisturized wrists? Two great perks from a tiny tub of jelly!


Mix with Salt for Salt Scrub

Who needs overpriced salt scrubs and exfoliating creams when you can make them yourself with some Vaseline and sea salt? Add a small cup of coarse sea salt or brown sugar to a large tub of Vaseline for a cheap and easy-to-make scrub. This DIY use for Vaseline with supply you with a years worth of body scrub. You can use it to exfoliate your lips. Vaseline has outdone itself again.


Makeup Remover

No makeup remover on hand? No wet wipe? No worries. A tissue and some Vaseline is all you need to get rid of last night’s eyeliner or that tough bronzer. Another cheap beauty alternative, Vaseline is great for a temporary makeup remover. Always keep a little tub in your bag for convenience and those emergencies.


Prevent Lids from Sticking

A common problem all girls have is that our nail polish caps stick to the bottle. It can be a real mess sometimes and certainly not what we need when we’re trying to freshen our nails. A quick an easy fix is to put a little Vaseline on the bottle as a lubricant for the lids to slide off easier. This method can be applied in many areas around the household such as windows that won’t budge or curtain rails that won’t slide.


Enhances Hair

Ah yes, we girls are always looking for ways to make our hair prettier, shinier and glossier. A wonderful use for Vaseline is that you can use it to add a little texture to your hair. Use a tiny bit of Vaseline on your hands and scrunch up your hair for a more voluminous look. Also, Vaseline is great for split ends. Use a tiny bit on your split ends for a quick fix- just until you make it to your salon.


Remove Stains

The biggest household use for Vaseline is that it’s great at removing stains. Use it to remove makeup (especially lipstick) from clothing. Vaseline can also help remove dried paint stains by softening the paint and then using turpentine to finally remove the paint. However, you may find Vaseline can create stains of it’s own- no worries, because a little soap or dish detergent will get it right out!

After this, I’m sure you’ve all got newfound respect for that clear tub of jelly in your bathroom. Vaseline really is such a versatile product and a must-have in any house. What else do you use Vaseline for? Go wild with petroleum jelly in the comments section!

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I love vaseline i always use vaseline for lips and feet

u ppl are so gr8.. thnks fr de article.. <3 <3

I love the lip scrub part! My lips constantly chap, will have to try this!

Once my daughter started wearing make up I told her my mothers special trick for removing eye make up Vaseline

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