8 Summer Beauty Tips ...


8 Summer Beauty Tips ...
8 Summer Beauty Tips ...

Gorgeous tan, pool parties, exotic vacations a chance to wear all those cute dresses are just one side of summer- the other, a bit uglier one involves all those things we must do in order to look good, feel good and get through it with the least amount of discomfort and sun damage. Yup, the list of summer beauty tips runs very long and, although some are kind of boring and some very obvious, the most important ones are definitely worth talking about over and over again. I bet each one of you ladies has her list of favorite summer beauty tips so this is how we’re going to do it- I’ll tell you mine and you tell me yours. Deal? Well, here we go:

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Sunscreen is a Must

Getting a “new” face is painful, expensive and often risky so instead of relying on modern technology, beauticians and medical breakthroughs to help solve the future problems, start taking actions now! I know a whole bunch of twenty year-old girls that look like they are in their mid-forties all thanks to express tanning and the well known “no sunscreen gives the best suntan” policy. So, yes, sunscreen is a must-even if you’re just running errands! And SPF 15 is the minimum!



Body and face scrubs will make sure dead skin cells are removed and that, my ladies, doesn’t only mean softer skin but better and longer lasting suntan. We all sweat more in the summer plus there’s the issue of all those oils, sunscreens and lotions we apply to prevent sunburns or help the skin regain its elasticity and moisture. So let’s do the math- a pinch of sweat, a pinch of various lotions and whole bunch of dead skin cells- yup, all that goo eventually ends up inside our pores, clogging them, preventing our skin from breathing, creating ugly zits. The solution? EXFOLIATING!


Don’t Forget Your Lips

Lips need summer care too and, although I don’t think anyone has ever suffered from lip sunburns, forgetting to UV-proof your lips will cause them to dry out and shrivel like a prune! So invest in a good lip balm with SPF and don’t forget to re-apply it often. This is one of those summer beauty tips we don’t remember until it’s too late, so make sure it doesn’t turn out like that this year and …well, I’m pretty sure your silky soft, juicy lips will find a way to express their gratitude.


Go Easy on the Foundation

Those full coverage, heavy foundations aren’t really the best choice in this time of the year so my the next on my list of summer beauty tips would be to find the next best thing. Some girls prefer to use a tinted moisturizer, others opt for lighter, medium coverage foundations and rely on pressed or loose powder to deliver the silky smooth mattifying effect and some don’t use any foundation at all.


Drink Plenty of Water

Or eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Or, even better- both! It’s very easy to get dehydrated in summer and that won’t just slow you down both physically and mentally but make your skin look dull too. Most magazines advise us to take a little bottle of water with us wherever we go and, honestly, I rarely do that as drinking warm water isn’t pleasant not refreshing. I always buy my water fresh to make sure it’s chilled or stop by the first shop, bank, bakery or pretty much anything that has a door I can walk through and a tap I can drink from!



Summer accessories are not only stylish and fun but very practical, too! A cool hat, for example, will not only score you some major style points but reduce the risk of sun fever, make bad hair days bearable and help you save your hair from a whole bunch of hair products and leave in conditioners designed to protect it from harmful effect the sun has on it. Sunglasses also look cool and protect your eyes and that sensitive skin around them!


Nature is Your Friend

Summer is the best time to start playing with those homemade solutions! Blend cucumber and apply it as a mask to help your skin cool down and regain its natural, healthy glow, try lemon juice if you want that sexy but subtle sun-streaked hair and natural exfoliants like sea-salt and brown sugar for super-smooth skin.


Pay Attention to Your Feet

Cracked, rough heels and sandals are like oil and water- they don’t mix! But, don’t worry- having pretty, perfectly groomed feet doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. You can do your pedicure at home and maintain those results by using very fine, gentle file every time you take a shower. Once you’re done, use a rich, greasy cream (regular blue Nivea does the trick for me) massage it into the feet and wear cotton socks. That’s it- no exactly nuclear physics, I’d say! Oh, and let’s not forget the nail polish!

I know, I know- most of these summer beauty tips are well known and quite standard but they are important. So important that even the biggest rule-breakers like me play by them. I don’t want to look like a piece of fruit that has been left in the sun for too long and I’m sure none of you wants that either! So, now it’s your turn. Which summer beauty rules do you live by?

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