Proven Tips to Say Bye to Dark Underarm Skin ...


Proven Tips to Say Bye to Dark Underarm Skin ...
Proven Tips to Say Bye to Dark Underarm Skin ...

Need some ways to remove dark underarm skin? Summer is coming. Ice cream, lemonade, flowers, beach... But are you ready for summer? If you're like me, planning all your to-do lists for summer - getting in shape, getting rid of dark underarm and dark neck problems. Here are the best home remedies and ways to remove dark underarm skin.

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This is a wonderful skin exfoliator and heals the skin. Almost suitable for every skin type, even for sensitive skin.

1 tbsp oatmeal powder
1 tbsp yogurt
1 tbsp almond oil or coconut oil

Grind oatmeal into a powder and mix with yogurt and almond oil, or coconut oil. Mix it well.

Yogurt has lactic acid, which helps to remove dead skin. It has a lot of skin-friendly nutrients which makes skin healthy and flawless. It's effective for all types of skin. It also has vitamins, zinc, calcium.

Almond oil has vitamin E, fatty acids, protein, potassium, zinc.

This scrub is very useful for dry, itchy skin and can be applied to any dark body part. First, clean that part well with wet cotton or tissue. Massage gently for 4-5 minutes, and wash with warm water. It acts as a dead skin remover and lightens that area. To get better results, use the following cream after the scrub.



This cream also has good results for dark spots. It can be used as a skin whitening cream in winter.

1 tbsp Aloe vera gel
1 tbsp vitamin E cream or 2 vitamin E capsules

Mix all ingredients and apply to dark underarm or dark neck areas after scrubbing. Apply it overnight and wash with warm water in the morning.

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