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The Best Homemade Fruit Masks to Start Doing ASAP ...

By Lauren

Fruit has many great benefits. As well as tasting great and being packed with all sorts of highly-beneficial nutrients, they work great on the outside of the body as well as in. If you prefer natural skincare over chemical skincare there are some fruity face masks you can include in your beauty routine to ensure healthy glowing skin.

1 Use a Banana Face Pack for General Cleansing and Add Honey for Acne Prone Skin

eyebrow, face, cheek, nose, lip,Ingredients
• Ripe banana
• Honey
Prepare this face pack simply by mashing a ripe banana and then apply it directly on your face and neck. You can make it more effective for acne by adding some honey to the mashed banana. Leave the mask on your face for about 20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

2 Use a Tomato Face Mask if You Have Oily Skin

hair, eyebrow, face, black hair, nose,Ingredients
• Tomato
Simply take a tomato, which is loaded with lycopene, squeeze it nicely, and apply the pulp/juice directly on your skin. This can be a great choice for oily skin issues, and pimples and scarring. The seeds will act as a gentle exfoliant. Rinse off with lukewarm water.


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3 A Grape Face Mask Works Great for Skin Troubled by Acne

hair, black hair, face, clothing, nose,Ingredients
• Grape pulp
Simply mash up some grapes to a pulp. Then apply it directly on your face and let it dry. Wash off with lukewarm water. This fruit pack will prove beneficial for skin with acne.

4 A Papaya Fruit Scrub Will Help to Give You Glowing Skin

face, hair, nose, person, black hair,Ingredients
• Papaya pulp
Just by using the pulp scooped out of a ripe papaya, you can enjoy soft, glowing skin. Be sure to massage the pulp on to damp skin for at least 15 minutes and then wash it off with water – always lukewarm, never hot.

5 Okay so Maybe Not Technically a Fruit but Cucumber Still Works Great for Dry Skin

hair, face, black hair, eyebrow, clothing,Ingredients
• Cucumber juice
A cucumber face pack works well for dry skin because cucumber has a cooling effect. Take some cucumber and grate it to obtain its juice. Apply it directly on your face and neck and leave to dry. Wash it off after no more than 15 minutes.

6 Use a Strawberry Face Pack to Enliven Dull Skin

hair, human hair color, face, blond, eyebrow,Ingredients
• Strawberry pulp
• Water
It is one of the best homemade fruit masks to brighten up dull skin. Grind up strawberry pulp while mixing a little water to it and apply it directly on your face and neck. Leave on and wash off when you think it has dried off completely.

7 A Kiwi Fruit Mask Will Bring Tanned Skin to Life

eyebrow, hair, face, nose, cheek,Ingredients
• Yogurt
• Kiwi fruit
This is a wonderful summertime mask, and works really well on tanned faces. Start by pureeing the kiwi flesh and then mix in a spoonful of yogurt. Apply it directly to your face and massage gently for a few minutes. Leave and then wash it off after 20 minutes or so.

8 This Detoxifying, Cleansing Banana and Yogurt Face Pack Works on All Skin Types

hair, face, eyebrow, cheek, nose,Ingredients
• Banana
• Honey
• Yogurt
• Lemon juice
To prepare this effective homemade fruit mask, you need to add 1 tablespoon of yogurt and a mashed banana in a bowl and then add a teaspoon of lemon juice and honey to it. Mix all your ingredients well to get a smooth paste. Apply it directly on your neck and face, and leave it there until it dries out naturally. Wash off with lukewarm water.

Although fruit is an organic product you might – rarely – have a reaction, even if you can eat it without problems. If your skin reacts to a particular fruit, try another.

Do you have any natural skincare treatments you swear by?

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