Expert Post Shower Skincare Routine for Glowing Beauty ...

By Eliza

Expert Post Shower Skincare Routine for Glowing Beauty ...

You wouldn’t think that getting out of the shower would require much thought at all, right? Get out, dry off and get dressed. Simple. Not so fast! Skincare experts agree that there are wrong and right things to be doing when you step out of the spray. Making mistakes can cost you the healthiest, most gorgeous skin imaginable. Here’s what you should be doing so that you can reap the rewards of young, fresh skin all over your body, no matter your age.

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Try to Finish Your Shower with Warm Water, Not Really Hot Water

Why? Because super hot water sucks all the moisture right out of your skin, leaving it dry and parched. That means flakes, itching and tightness that I know you don’t want to deal with. Finish that shower with lukewarm water and the problem is easily solved. I know that a hot shower feels really wonderful, but you’ll love the results of turning down the temp so much that you’ll never go back.


Pat Your Skin Dry, Never Rub It Dry

It sure feels good to rub your skin with a soft towel, doesn’t it? You shouldn’t be doing it though say skincare experts. Instead, you should be using your towel to pat your skin dry. Rubbing it too rough on the skin, especially delicate parts, and can leave you with irritated or damaged areas. Gently pat your skin dry and you can keep your entire body looking and feeling glorious.


Apply Moisturizer All over Your Body Right Away

Damp skin is better at locking in moisture than dry skin so it’s a good idea to get into the habit of applying your creams and lotions immediately after patting your skin dry. That little bit of remaining water is sealed in with the moisturizer, helping to pump up the hydration to your entire body.


Slather Your Facial Serums on as Soon as You’re Moisturizer is on

For the same reason you apply moisturizer right away, you should also be applying your facial serums on as soon as you towel off. Your pores are generally more open after a warm shower, which makes them more receptive to pulling in your serums and letting them go to work. In just a few weeks, you should see a great improvement.


Cover the Serum with Facial Cream

Now that you’ve got the serums as a first line of defense, cover them with your regular facial moisturizer. You know the drill. Damp skin pulls it in better than dry skin. So you want to get it rubbed in as soon as possible after a shower. Don’t even open the bathroom door first. The steam in the air will help keep your skin ready for the moisturizer.

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Pay Attention to the Skin on Your Scalp

It’s under there, but it doesn’t get as much attention as the skin on the rest of your body. You should be caring for your scalp skin just as well though. Use a leave in conditioner that you comb through your hair. It should soak into your scalp as well, leaving it hydrated. This prevents dry, flaky skin that can look like dandruff.


Treat Any Blemishes You Have before Getting Dressed

Right after the shower is a prime time to check yourself for blemishes. That includes back or chest acne, pimples on your face or blackheads. You can spot treat them anywhere because they’re easier to see when you aren’t wearing clothes.

How do you care for your skin post-shower? Will you try any of these ideas?

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Use witch hazel as toner! It really works. Clear skin in days.

Yes number six is do true. Thanks for that. Good post.

My tip isn't really post shower, but it has to do with blemishes. My mother, actually used this... And it is literally the most simple treatment you'll hear about. Drink water. Before her wedding my mom drank only water for 6 weeks and her skin was flawless. Water also helps with out her body systems, so give it a try!

I finish showers with cold water for my hair and face. Then I cleanse my skin with an oil cleanser which works as moisturizer and face wash in one.

Gawd I feel like a tomboy, I don't do nothin of this stuff! It was ages ago I had a habit of doing moisturiser after a shower! Lol

I use baby oil (on my body) before I dry off and vitamin E oil (a very small amount) on my face. My skin has never looked better!

I have a mixture of essential oils just for my body and face after the shower. (Extra virgin olive oil and orange oil) and it must work because Women are always asking me what's the secret to my flawless skin.

Using a serum after a moisturiser is a waste of money. The moisturiser will form a barrier between the skin and the serum and stop it absorbing, so you're wasting your £££ on nothing. Use it first, it'll absorb and your moisturiser will lock it in after

actually, putting leave in conditioner on your scalp makes your hair greasy

I finish off my showers with cold water. I gradually let my body get used to the temperature going down as my poor heart doesn't want that shock haha and I finish off with splashing cold water on my face.