8 All-Natural Home Made Face Masks ...


8 All-Natural Home Made Face Masks ...
8 All-Natural Home Made Face Masks ...

While every girl loves a trip to the spa, sometimes a relaxing day of home beauty therapy is also good for the soul. Your home is full of ingredients to make fabulous all-natural facial treatments which will leave your skin looking and feeling great. So head for the kitchen ladies, and cancel your meetings: I’ve put together a list of amazing mask recipes you’ll definitely want to try.

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Skin Smoothing Banana Mask

This stunning face pack is made with banana, avocado and cucumber and it’s packed with natural moisturising oils and nutrients. The avo is rich in Vitamin E to promote firm, healthy skin, and the cucumber is a natural anti-inflammatory to sooth dryness and redness away. Simply blend all the ingredients together, add a table spoon of antioxidant laden olive oil and apply.


Pore Minimising Egg White Mask

This mask is amazing ladies. Simply separate the whites and yokes of two eggs, beat the whites until they’re stiff and apply to your face. Leave on for around twenty minutes and then rinse with luke warm water. Your skin will feel firmer and your pores will have shrunk dramatically!


Sweet and Gentle Coconut and Honey Mask

This is a divine mask for softening facial skin and targeting mild blemish problems at the same time. You’ll need a handful of oatmeal, a generous table spoon of organic honey, and enough coconut milk to make the whole mixture like a dense, sticky porridge. The coconut milk smooths and nourishes, the honey is a natural toner and antibacterial agent to reduce inflammation around spots, and the oatmeal gently buffs away dead cells when you wash the mask off.


Tomato and Yoghurt Deep Cleanse

This unusual mask is great to clear out blocked pores and combat blackheads. Simply blend up a tomato, add a generous table spoon of organic natural yoghurt, a glug of olive oil and a dash of vinegar. The tomato opens up your pores; the vinegar is a powerful natural detergent; the yoghurt acts as a cleansing and softening agent, gently fading dark patches; and the olive oil takes care of dryness and delivers an antioxidant shot.


Almond and Pineapple Astringent Scrub Mask

You’ll need a handful of ground almonds, a dash of pineapple juice and a couple of pieces of blended pineapple. Mix the whole lot up together and apply to your face. The ground almonds are a fantastic exfoliant, and the pineapple, with its skin-softening enzymes, helps to prepare for a really effective scrub.


Cucumber and Grape anti-Aging Mask

For this one, you’ll need a load of chopped cucumber, a dash of milk, a small handful of oatmeal and about ten grapes. Put the cucumber in the blender first and buzz with the grapes and milk. Add the oatmeal until the consistency is like a slightly liquid paste and apply to your face. The milk soothes and nourishes inflamed or dry skin and the soft blended oatmeal will deliver a very gentle exfoliation. At the same time, the cucumber and grapes are packed with anti-aging agents and will also reduce puffiness and combat red patches.


Basic Olive Oil and Almond Scrub

This is less of a true mask and more of skin-softening scrub great for preparing the face for other treatments. Just add a glug of olive oil to a handful of ground almonds, so that the mixture looks like a paste, and apply to your skin. Leave it on for about ten minutes to allow the oil to sink in and then gentle massage in warm water to remove. Dead skin cells will be buffed away and the olive oil helps to reduce that feeling of uncomfortable dryness that often follows an exfoliation.


Orange and Egg Yolk anti-Acne Mask

You’ll need two whisked egg yolks, a few table spoons of freshly squeezed orange juice and a handful of softened oatmeal for consistency. Simply mix the liquid ingredients and add the soaked oatmeal until the mixture is sticky and creamy. Apply this to your face. The egg yolks are jam packed with proteins that help to combat acne and the orange juice is a natural cleanser and also delivers a powerful dose of healthy Vitamin C.

These are some of my favourite masks ladies; so you have any recipes of your own? Share them! I’d love to compare notes!

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how long to I keep these products on?

Egg mask is the best .. I also love avocado banana yogurt and honey facial

I use the Citrus Clear Pore Mask - I apply to clean skin, wait 10-15 minutes while it hardens, then remove - Wonderful, clear and smooth skin after! And its all natural. . .

I love the tomato and yoghurt deep cleanse.

the orange and yolk mask, how long do I keep it on?

Umm... I don't get number 2.... Is it even healthy to shrink your pores?

Green or red grapes ?

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