7 Natural Elements to Use in a Skincare Routine ...


7 Natural Elements to Use in a Skincare Routine ...
7 Natural Elements to Use in a Skincare Routine ...

When it comes to beauty and skincare, nothing beats Mother Nature. Just think about it – all expensive skin treatments are advertised either as totally natural or made with the best natural elements afore mentioned Mother Nature has provided. So, let’s just skip the middleman, shall we? That’s why I’m giving you this list of 7 natural elements to use in a skin care routine everyday or a few times a week:

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Chamomile has soothing, anti-inflammatory properties and it can do wonders for your sensitive skin, regardless of the season! I used to suffer reoccurring conjunctivitis and believe me, nothing worked best than cotton pads soaked with fresh, lukewarm chamomile tea! But chamomile tea didn’t only help my eyes look better – the sensitive skin around the eyes has benefited from this natural treatment too and that gave me an idea to use this magical brew in my skincare routine! Chamomile now helps my skin regain its natural softness in both freezing winter months spent at home and summers spent under that scorching sun.


Castor Oil

Castor oil can be bought in any pharmacy and it works better than any expensive eyelash treatment. This product is often administered to little kids in order to induce bowel movement and help them do the “number two” after days of suffering. Now, I know this doesn’t sound like something you’d willingly put on your face, but let me finish – okay? Now, like I said, there are two types of this product – castor oil for eating and castor oil for outside use. You’ll make sure to take this last one and apply it on your eyelashes every night before you go to sleep. It’s greasy, but you’ll rinse it off in the morning and everything will be okay. This product induces hair growth and it will give you the longest, thickest lashes ever! No it’s not a myth, I’m using it myself from time to time(read: whenever I’m not too bored to apply it) and, at one point, my lashes got so long that I had to pluck some of them out!


Propolis Honey

This natural mixture is also called Bee Wax or simply Propolis and you can find in almost any shop that sells organic food. Now, let me tell you why you simply must use this brownish-yellowish-greenish goo, regardless of its unpleasing appearance. It’s quite simple –it has it all, antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral, anti funginal and antibacterial properties! Spread this all natural product over your face, back, arms and be sure to take a teaspoon of it every morning with a glass of lukewarm water. It’s the best immune booster, skin cleanser and acne cure ever and it won’t make your skin dry and flaky but soft and glowing instead!



Lavender tea and oil will not only relax you and help you sleep better – they could be a solution for your skin problems too! Lavender is said to be the all-natural cure for acne so, if you have problematic skin, definitely consider using this soothing, cleansing herb.



Why would you pay big bucks for a special, vitamin C enriched revitalizing serum, when you have the best, natural source of vitamin C collecting dust in your pantry? Lemon juice shrinks pores and tones skin without drying it up and making it produce unnecessary oil. It’s definitely better than any other alcohol based solution. But, wait, that’s not all! It also helps remove stains so it could make your freckles become less noticeable if not completely gone.



Start your day with a glass of milk even if you’re a passionate coffee drinker. How? Well, you don’t have to change your morning drink or mix milk with coffee, simply rinse your face with this white liquid full of vitamins, protein and fatty acids and enjoy having silky smooth skin all day, every day. Milk can be used alone or combined with honey for an ultra-nourishing facial mask. Add ground nuts to this mixture and you’ll have a perfect, totally natural exfoliating mixture.



Don’t eat them all, save some for your face too because your skin is hungry for that moisturizing, softening effect this fruit has. Bananas are rich in cellulose, potassium, vitamins, provitamin A and natural, fruity acid. You can mix them with honey and milk to make homemade, all natural masks that will soften dull, flaky skin and help it regain its natural moisture and elasticity, or add lemon and make a conditioning, de-greasing mask that will feed and cleanse oily skin, without irritating or causing it to produce more oil. Perfect, huh?

Now you know which natural elements to use in your skincare routine and I honestly hope you’ll agree with me on the fact that natural is the healthiest and the most budget-friendly way to go . Now, since the list of natural stuff that could be used in our beauty regiments isn’t as short as I’ve made it, I want you to tell me this: Which natural elements could you suggest?

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