7 Great Drugstore Body Lotions ...

Itโ€™s not always possible for us to spend a small fortune at our favorite boutique brands to get the lush body lotions we want. Which is fine, really, since you really can get a great body lotion at the drug store! Not sure what I mean? Keep reading! Here are 7 great drugstore body lotionsโ€ฆ I love them all!

1. Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Body Moisturize

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Price: $9.25 at soap.com
My bestie has very fair skin, so every time sheโ€™s tried to use self-tanner, sheโ€™s left looking rather like a streaky tangerine, not at all like the sun-kissed goddess she was aiming for. But now she uses this, and she swears by it. She gets a natural look, gradually, and doesnโ€™t have to risk her skin in the sun.

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