7 Self-Tanning Lotions ...

Self-tanning lotions might have been a more interesting conversation topic in winter, although I see no reason why it couldn’t be a good one even now. It’s summer, after all, and I we all know those hot shorts, skirts and light colors look best on tanned skin. Lucky ones were born with it (and I hate you all for it! LOL!) and the rest of us… well, we just have to find an acceptable solution so when beach and natural sun-tanning are out of the question, it’s up to various other methods to save the day. I, myself, prefer self-tanning lotions so if you’re thinking about trying those too, here’s 7 of those to help you make up your mind:

1. Dove Energy Glow Self Tanning Lotion

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Price: $9.99 at amazon.com
Dove self tanning lotion provides gradual, even tan, nurtures your skin just like the regular body lotion and leaves a very nice, delicate trail of sparkly particles that aren’t flashy at all. I have tried it and yes, it’s really good although the bronzy color turned out much lighter than I hoped. It’s great for beginners as you simply can’t go wrong with this one, although I wouldn’t recommend it to girls who want a more noticeable, dramatic change.

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