Do This if Cold Weather Dries out Your Skin ...


Do This if Cold Weather Dries out Your Skin ...
Do This if Cold Weather Dries out Your Skin ...

There’s a reason why your skin gets dry and itchy in the winter. It’s because the drop in temperature combined with the frigid wind sucks the moisture right from your body. At the same time, the heater comes on all day long, further drying your skin. Just when it seems like a girl can’t win and that she’s doomed to tight itchy skin all winter, comes along just the info you need to combat it and stay comfy and enjoy gorgeous skin, no matter what the temperature is outside. Here’s what to do.

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Fight Back with Steam

When your skin is parched and dried out, you can pump it back full of moisture with steam. If the biggest issue is dry skin on your face, try a simple steam treatment before bed. Fill a bowl with very hot water. Loosely drape a towel over your head and put your face over the bowl and let the steam soak into your skin. Follow up with moisturizer.


Add Some Hydrocortisone Cream to Your Routine

When traditional lotion simply isn’t enough to get the job done, you may find that hydrocortisone cream will save the day. You want a 1% formulation and you only need a dab. Apply the cream a few times per day where you have dry, flaky skin and you will likely notice a difference in just a few days.


Make the Switch to an Ointment Moisturizer Instead of What You’re Using Now

When the weather and dry indoor air messes with your skin in the winter, it’s time to take drastic measures. Lightweight moisturizer is ideal in the spring and summer, but in the winter, you’re going to need something thicker. Look for an ointment based moisturizer for your body and you’ll get all the extra hydration you need in the winter.


Wear Gloves on Your Hands to Prevent Dryness

The combination of washing your hands and the cold winter air can really make them dry, cracked and painful. Because the skin on your hands is thinner than the rest of your body, the effects are worse than you might experience elsewhere on your body. Insulate and protect your hands by keeping them covered with gloves anytime you’re outside during the winter.


Refill Your Water Bottle Several Times Throughout the Day

Your body relies on an adequate amount of water each day just to function. If you get dehydrated, you might notice it first in your skin, which will get dry, itchy and tight feeling. The simple answer might be just drinking more water during the day. Keeping your body hydrated is the first step to keeping your skin hydrated.


Limit Facial Peels during the Winter

Yes, a facial peel can be highly beneficial for your face, but they can also be a bit harsh. When you have dry, irritated skin in the wintertime, it’s best to limit the number of peels you get. This is because the treatment can worsen the issues you’re battling. You don’t have to give up the peels altogether, but cutting back a little bit can really help keep your skin looking great.


Keep Your Baths and Showers Warm, Not Boiling Hot

Super hot water can really dehydrate skin by sucking the moisture right out of it. No, you certainly don’t have to take cold showers, but reducing the water temp a bit is necessary. Scale back to lukewarm baths and showers and you will probably see a noticeable difference in no time.

Do you get really dry skin in the winter? What tips can you share to help relieve the problem?

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Hydrocortisone cream even in low strength is definitely not recommended for the face. Not only is it associated with thinning of the skin but it is definitely not recommended if you have no eczema or skin problems requiring steroids!

A steam sounds like a great idea! Thanks

I found adding a humidifier while I sleep has helped my dry winter skin! Plus with a few drops of essential oils it smells heavenly!

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