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What in the World is Micro Needling and How Can It Help You?

By Eliza

There are loads of things that come and go because the experts decide they might be good for your skin. Some of them are so great that they stay forever. Micro needling might not be brand new, but it’s definitely getting its time in the spotlight. So what is it? Basically it’s a skin treatment that involves tiny needles run over the surface of your skin. It’s said to have many benefits, but as with any other skin treatment, it’s best to know what you’re facing before giving it a try.

1 How is Micro Needling Done?

You can do micro needling yourself at home by buying the proper tool, but you can also have it done in a salon by a professional. Either option can work for you, so the choice is up to you. It basically involves rolling a special tool over the surface of your skin. As you do, the tiny needles puncture your skin creating an injury that is said to improve the look and health of your skin.

2 Micro Needling Can Boost Collagen Production

When you puncture your skin with the tiny needles, experts say that it forces your skin to fill the tiny holes in with fresh collagen. That can translate to better looking skin because collagen is what keeps your skin looking fresh and young. Experts say this can boost the texture, plumpness and youthfulness of your skin.

3 You Might Also Notice a Reduction in Blemishes

Because new collagen and elastin is produced by micro needling, experts say it can also help reduce the appearance of large pores, scars and stretch marks on your skin. That makes micro needling a fantastic option for the skin all over your body. Though it’s very common for the face, you might also find positive results if you try it on your belly, thighs and buttocks. Perfect!

4 More than One Treatment Might Be Necessary

You might see some results from a single micro needling session, but chances are you’ll need several of them before you see anything dramatic. If you’re concerned about a specific skin issue, it might be best to get micro needling done at the salon so that you can target that concern and keep your skin safe and healthy throughout the process.

5 Home Rollers Are Less Invasive than Salon Ones

It’s important to be sure the technician you choose to do micro needling is trained and certified to carry out the treatment. However, if you choose to try it at home, the roller you buy won’t be as invasive. This can be good and bad. It’s good if you want to ease into micro needling or if your issues are minor. On the other hand, it’s bad because it could take much longer to get the results you want and if you are new to it, you might wind up hurting yourself.

6 Micro Needling is Chemical Free

Unlike other skin treatments at the salon, such as a facial peel, micro needling doesn’t require any chemicals. That might appeal to you if you have sensitive skin or are just picky about what you put on your skin.

7 You Should Discuss It with Your Dermatologist First

Just like anything else that could affect your skin, it’s important to discuss micro needling with your dermatologist before giving it a try. While it’s generally appropriate for most women, you may not be a good candidate for the treatment if you have certain skin conditions.

Have you ever tried micro needling? What can you say about it?

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