Are Selfies Actually Bad for Your Skin?


Are Selfies Actually Bad for Your Skin?
Are Selfies Actually Bad for Your Skin?

Selfies seem like a harmless way to express your beauty. However, there might be a hidden danger to the trend.

According to Refinery 29, "The blue light our screens emit — known as High Energy Visible light (HEV) — can cause damage, along with UVA and UVB rays." That means that your selfies might be aging your skin prematurely.

That's not something you can fix with sunscreen or by holding your phone farther away. Your best bet is to try buying an antioxidant serum or cream. Of course, you could also try taking fewer selfies.

Do you take selfies every single day?

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Wth!!! Of course evrything had its pros and cons but its not a big deal at least not for me just like evrything else u have to know ur limit

Wow I literally had no idea!

But hell i wouldn't be surprised if it was true

Never taken a selfie

You would need to do research to prove this not just read an article

There's always going to be the good and the bad in something.

This is misleading because the light isn't emitted only when one takes a selfie, it is constantly emitted and therefore phone use in general has negative effects on the skin.

You don't hold your phone any closer to your face when taking selfies than you do phone use in general is actually the problem.

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