Life-changing Skincare Tips You Never Knew You Needed in Your World ...

By Eliza

Life-changing  Skincare Tips  You Never Knew  You Needed in Your World  ...

There’s no shortage of skincare tips out there and maybe you think you’ve heard them all. Trust me – you haven’t. I’m a skincare writer and I’m always reading new information. Some things are tried and true and can last you a lifetime, but the world of skincare is always changing and evolving so there’s something new happening all the time. Here are some new skincare tips you have probably never heard before.

Table of contents:

  1. apply your skincare products from the most watery to the least watery
  2. tap your eye cream instead of massaging it in
  3. don’t leave your skincare products open longer than necessary
  4. expensive doesn’t always mean better
  5. all natural ingredients aren’t always the best choice
  6. anti-bacterial cream won’t get rid of acne
  7. coconut oil is not the miracle you’ve been looking for

1 Apply Your Skincare Products from the Most Watery to the Least Watery

If you’re anything like me, you wear several lotions and potions on your face each day. Skincare experts say that applying them from the most watery to the least watery is ideal for making sure each product gets absorbed properly and can do the most work on your skin. This simple switch means each of your products maximizes its effectiveness so give it a try today.

2 Tap Your Eye Cream Instead of Massaging It in

In general a gentle circular motion is great for applying your skincare products because it boosts circulation and gives you a healthy glow. However, the skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate and being too rough in the area can lead to fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. When you apply your eye cream, tap it in and you eliminate this problem. Easy, right?

3 Don’t Leave Your Skincare Products Open Longer than Necessary

When exposed to oxygen, many skincare products begin to degrade and the effectiveness of their ingredients decreases. So to preserve them as long as possible, experts recommend keeping the lid tightly secured at all times, unless you opening the bottle or jar to use the product.

4 Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean Better

It turns out you don’t have to spend a fortune on skincare products to find ones that work really well. Skincare experts say that the really pricey stuff is often harder on your wallet because of fancy packaging, not because it’s way better than the average priced stuff. The bottom line is to use what works, so if you can find a great product at the drugstore, there’s no reason why it’s not a great choice.

5 All Natural Ingredients Aren’t Always the Best Choice

In some cases, natural is better because exposing your skin to harsh chemicals and ingredients can be bad. However, some natural ingredients might not be better. Just because something comes from nature doesn’t make it a good choice. For example, poison ivy is natural, but you wouldn’t want it on your skin. Talk to your dermatologist to figure out which natural ingredients might be good for you.

6 Anti-Bacterial Cream Won’t Get Rid of Acne

You’ve probably heard that applying anti-bacterial creams to zits can help make them disappear. This isn’t really the case. Pimples are caused by inflammation and unless they break open, the cream won’t do anything to get rid of them. However, if you do pop a zit, a dab of anti-bacterial ointment can help prevent the area from getting infected.

7 Coconut Oil is Not the Miracle You’ve Been Looking for

Coconut oil is definitely having a moment right now, but it’s not a miracle that is going to keep you looking 21 for the rest of your life. Yes, it’s great for hydrating skin, but it doesn’t erase wrinkles and it won’t prevent age spots either. Go ahead and use it to moisturize if you want to, but don’t expect a miracle.

Which of these are you surprised about? What would you add to the list?

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