OMG Nighttime Habits That You Didn't Know Are Ruining Your Skin ...


OMG  Nighttime Habits That You Didn't Know  Are Ruining Your Skin ...
OMG  Nighttime Habits That You Didn't Know  Are Ruining Your Skin ...

Who knew that you could be doing terrible things to your skin while you sleep? I don’t want to think that while I’m supposed to be relaxing and refreshing for the next day that my skin is actually suffering, and I bet you feel the same way. The best way to be sure you’re doing the best for your skin all the time is to understand what you’re doing wrong. So, here I am setting an example for you of what not to do at night so that you can wake up with the best skin ever, each and every day.

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Turning up the Heater is Terrible for Your Skin

fur, toy, teddy bear, stuffed toy, textile, Cranking the furnace up keeps it nice and warm in your bedroom, but that air is also sucking all the moisture out of your skin. That leaves you with dry, dull skin that doesn’t look or feel good. Turning the heater down just a few degrees is all it takes to save your skin. You can add an extra cozy blanket to your bed and you’ll still be warm and toasty while you snooze.


Never Talk on the Phone in Bed

furniture, human positions, hairstyle, leg, sitting, Whether you have a heated convo with your mom or a lovey dovey one with your significant other, these discussions can get you hyped up and keep you from being in the right frame of mind to fall asleep. At the same time, holding your cell against your ear transfers bacteria and grime to your face, which can lead to breakouts.


Quit Staying up so Late

hair, hairstyle, leg, arm, long hair, Lack of sleep can also do a number on your skin. When you don’t log enough hours in bed at night, you could suffer with all kinds of skin issues, from acne to dryness. Your skin needs sleep time to restore and rejuvenate itself so staying up to watch just one more episode of “The Walking Dead” might be fun, but it won’t do your skin any favors. You need at least seven hours every night.


No More Cocktails before You Hit the Sack

footwear, glasses, fashion accessory, hand, vision care, A nice cocktail may help you fall asleep, but it never works for keeping you asleep. It’s fine to have a drink, but make it few hours before you plan to go to sleep. Too much alcohol, too close to bed can keep you from getting the right amount of sleep, which can leave you with dryness and acne.


A Hot Shower is Never a Good Idea, Night or Day

hair, face, human action, eyebrow, person, I have a hard time sleeping without having a shower first, but water that is too hot leaves your skin without the moisture it needs to stay healthy. Instead, take a nice, relaxing lukewarm shower or soak in the tub before bed. That way you can still unwind and your skin won’t pay the price.


Ideally, You Should Be Sleeping on Your Back

human action, person, sleep, interaction, romance, When you sleep on your side or stomach, you naturally press your face into the pillow. That pulls and pushes on your skin, which can leave you with wrinkles and fine lines over time. Skincare experts strongly encourage you to sleep on your back to prevent this issue. If you simply cannot manage this, at least get a satin pillowcase, which should help as well.


You Forget to Wash Your Face

hair, human action, eyebrow, face, person, Even skipping the wash once can wreak havoc on your face. It only takes one night of sleeping in your makeup to lead to breakouts. Doing it all the time can leave you with skin issues that are ongoing. Keep some face washing wipes on your nightstand so that in a pinch, you can simply swipe it away before you go to sleep.


Using the Wrong Products

eyebrow, hair, face, nose, cheek, Nighttime is when your cells regenerate themselves, and if you aren't lathering up with the right lotion, you're doing harm to your baby cells. Look for products that nourish and repair and skip your daytime SPF product because you won't need it in bed and it won't do the trick like others will.


Keep Your Hair out of Your FAce

hair, face, eyebrow, nose, pink, Putting in hair products at night and not pinning your hair back only increases your chances of a break out. Your body's natural oils mixed with the thick oiliness of hair products will clog your pores in a hurry. Now, sleeping in a ponytail is not only uncomfortable but also causes breakage, so what's a girl to do? Grab a silk scarf and tie it at your hair line keeping your hair free from your face while you drift off.


Not Washing Your Bedding

black hair, hair, face, eyebrow, person, You would think going to bed in fresh PJs after a shower wouldn't make your bed dirty-you're wrong. Your cells regenerating causes dead ones to fall off, your body naturally has oils, and if you sweat in your sleep, you're getting it all over your sheets. All of this combined will clog your pores causing breakouts. Research suggests a weekly wash of your bedding is best for your skin.

Do you have any of these habits?

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Such good tips!! But I can not stop the hot showers! It is seriously a simple pleasure that I can't/won't give up!

Good sleep good day yep great points

I wish I can always sleep on my back, but I really can't sometimes. My showers before bed are pretty hot as well. I think it's because I keep my house on the cooler side.

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