8 Must-Know Skincare Tips for Young Skin ...

By Melissa

8 Must-Know Skincare Tips for Young Skin ...

**Tips for young skin **will help teenage girls and young women manage their skin and prevent acne. Younger skin is more prone to break outs and needs different care. It may take a lot of effort to keep it clear of blemishes, but the effort is definitely worth it. Besides, your skin will thank you as you get older. And don't worry, it's not that hard -- just follow these tips for youthful skin to have you face looking its best.

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Wash Twice a Day

Your face really needs to be washed twice each day. Wash your face with warm water and a mild soap. Stay away from any products that are too abrasive, and avoid harsh chemicals as well. In addition, one of the best tips for young skin involves how you wash. When washing, massage your face in a circular motion. Do not scrub. It will irritate your skin and cause more breakouts.



After washing your face, follow up with a moisturizer that contains benzoyl peroxide. The benzoyl peroxide will decrease the oil and bacteria on your skin. If your skin is prone to a lot of breakouts, make sure you don't choose anything that will leave it looking greasy. To take care of younger skin, you have to know your skin type.


No Pimple Popping

One of the most important tips for young skin is to not pop your pimples. Bursting blemishes can cause scarring, swelling and redness. You can also end up with unsightly acne scars. No matter what, popping a pimple is never a good idea.


No Touching

Don’t touch your face. Your hands are dirty. When you touch your face you are transferring that dirt and oil to your skin. That same dirt and oil is likely to cause your pores to become infected and breakout.


Body Acne

When we think about skincare we mostly think about our face, but it is also important to address the rest of your skin when giving tips for young skin. If you have body acne wear loose closing to let you skin breathe. Also, look for a body wash that helps take care of your body blemishes.

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What else is Touching Your Skin?

It’s not just your hands that can put dirt on your face. Your hair can also put extra dirt and oil on your face. Keep your hair clean and try to keep it off your face. Other things like your sunglasses, phone, scarves, and hats, can also put dirt and oil on your face. Make sure to clean those things regularly or keep them off your face so that you can properly care for your younger skin.


Sun Protection

Many people like to tan. In fact some people believe a good skin care tip for young skin is tanning to prevent acne. This suggestion is wrong. Not only will tanning not improve your acne, it will cause more damage to your skin, resulting in wrinkles and increasing your chance of skin cancer. Avoid tanning beds and always wear sun screen.



Your skin needs water. Drink up and stay hydrated. Water is one of the best things for you skin so get plenty of it.

The tips for young skin that you follow now will help you have better skin as you age. Taking care of your skin now is important. It will improve your appearance and make you feel better. What are some skincare tips for youthful skin that you follow?

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Hmm, I've got moderate acne all over my cheeks and up the side of my face. I'll try these tips out and see if it improves! Thanks a bunch for putting this up! :)

Who is that girl in the picture? She is sooooo pretty! (:

I personally think a light tan is much prettier and the girl in your cover picture for this article is gorgeous but clearly very tan! Yet you say do not tan it's bad for your skin? A lot of magazines and articles online contradict themselves with this.

What happens if your pimple produces this white thing in it? The white thing, I heard, is poisonous and bad for your pimple so you have to pop it out of your pimple immediately. But I'm not sure if I should pop it because it could cause a pimple scar! What should I do? Should I still pop the pimple to get the bad white stuff out?

I just wrote an article recently about celebrities who look younger than their age, and I noticed that the majority of them wear sunscreen everyday, drink lots of water, take their makeup off as soon as they get home and moisturize their face immediately. Just thought I'd share. Great article!