9 Ways to Stop Breakouts ...


9 Ways to Stop Breakouts ...
9 Ways to Stop Breakouts ...

We're all looking for ways to stop breakouts, right?Sometimes it might seem as if your skin is impossible to manage. You wake up and there’s another pimple forming on your chin or forehead. I know it’s frustrating but there are lots of answers for how to prevent pimples. And here are 7 effective ways to stop breakouts that will definitely work for your skin.

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Drinks Lots of Water

One of the top ways to prevent acne is to drink more water. I’m not a big water drinker so this one is hard for me. It’s important to drink enough water, though, because water acts as a cleanser for your body. Acne starts on the inside and makes its way to the surface. What better way than to clean ourselves from the inside out?! Drinking water is one great way to stop breakouts.


Stop Touching Your Face

It’s common to be sitting at your desk at work and rest your chin on your hand. What you may not realize is when you do this, bacteria from your hands is transferred to your face. This is how pores are clogged and those not-so-lovely pimples appear. Also, as tempting as it sounds, don’t pick at your acne. It’s only going to make it red and potentially scar. What an easy an effective way to stop breakouts! Just by keeping your hands away from your pretty face!


Wash Your Face Daily

Acne or no acne, you should still wash your face every day with a facial cleanser. No one wants those dead skin cells or leftover oils on their face from the day before. Before you go to bed at night, give your face a once over with some warm water and a cleanser. You will wake up feeling refreshed in the morning! Making the time to follow a healthy cleansing routine is a great answer for how to prevent acne.


Eat a Balanced Diet

I used to think this was a myth when my breakouts were bad. But once I cut the junk food out and ate more fruit and vegetables, my acne didn’t appear as often. Try to give up that candy bar for some carrots. It could save you frustration over a pimple that was planning on showing up! This goes hand in hand with drinking water over soda, since both are related to what you consume, and both are great ways to stop breakouts!


Limit the Amount of Foundation

I know it’s tough but try not to use any facial cosmetics. However, if you really feel you need to, limit the amount of foundation used. This happens to be a great answer for how to stop breakouts. Using too much will clog your pores and create more blemishes. This might be one of the easiest ways to stop breakouts! If you absolutely must wear your foundation, opt for mineral ones or organic ones, the fewer chemicals in the beauty products you apply to your face, the better your skin will look over time.


Clean Your Glasses and Sunglasses Regularly

Oils build up on your glasses when you wear them every day. If you look closely, you can see them build up in the eye and nose area. I know, it’s gross! Don’t forget to clean the area on your glasses that touch your skin daily so those oils from the glasses aren’t transferred to your skin. And we all know how painful those breakouts on the nose are!


For Body Acne, Try Not to Wear Tight Clothes

This might be the toughest one because no one wants body acne but we also don’t want to be walking around in baggy clothes! Don’t worry; I’m not saying to wear something two sizes too big for you! If you are prone to body acne though, try not to wear clothes that are too tight. Wearing very tight synthetic clothes doesn’t allow your skin to breathe and may cause irritation. Opt for cotton and other natural fabrics, something that many experts recommend as one of the top ways to prevent a breakout.


Use Moisturizer

This might sound counterintuitive, but moisturizing is important, no matter what kind of skin you have. Many acne treatments will dry out your skin, which makes you more prone to breakouts. So it makes sense to assume that using moisturizer is one of many natural ways to prevent acne. Just be sure to choose one designed for acne-prone skin to get the best results.


Wash Your Phone

It's your lifeline, but it can also be the culprit behind your breakouts. Your phone collects a lot of grime and bacteria over the course of a day and when you put it near your face, it gets transferred to your skin. One of the first things that skincare experts recommend when someone is looking for ways to prevent pimples is to use a disinfectant wipe to clean your phone on a regular basis.

These tips will absolutely improve your skin condition if not stop breakouts for good! Which ways to stop breakouts are you currently following? Are there any tips that we missed? Let us know if you have other great ideas to kick breakouts for good.

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Excellent tips! Thanks.

i have stop break outs with this but my face gets sunburned easly what do i do about that? i put on sunblock but it still gets suburned help?

hello! I tried a lot of different things for my acne but nothing seems to work. Can I please have some advice on cleansers and maybe lotions?

Is Spectro Jel a good facial cleanser

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