8 Great Tips for Silky Smooth Skin ...

As the weather warms up it’s time to ditch the warm cozy sweaters for arm bearing tanks. But the question stands, is your skin ready for summer? If not you are probably searching tips for smooth skin. Luckily I got you covered with these tips for smooth skin.

1. Dry Brush

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Before I get in the shower for a good exfoliation I like to start with a dry brush. Dry brushing is easy. All you need to do is rub your dry loofah across your skin before showering. It helps get the top layer of dry dead cells off. I like to do this every time before I shower, even if I’m not going to exfoliate my skin.

2. Body Scrub

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You are going to need a good body scrub. Look for something that meets your skin type. Dry skin needs different treatment than oily or normal skin. You can also add some sugar to your regular body wash to transform it to a body scrub. I like this tip for smooth skin because it’s cheap and simple. I tried adding sugar once to my regular wash when I was out of body scrub. It worked so good I use it all the time now.

3. Scrubs

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Besides a loofah you will need a few other things to scrub your skin. I like to use scrubbing gloves (they're so convenient!). A back brush is good too, so you can get those hard to reach spots. Pumice stone is good for using on your feet.

4. Use Oil

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After you have scrubbed your skin and rinsed off it’s time to moisturize. The best tip for smooth skin I’ve ever heard suggests putting a thin coat of oil on the skin. I love doing this. It really helps lock in the moisture and make my skin amazingly smooth.

5. Right Moisturizer

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After the oil you want to cover it with a moisturizer. Just like with the body wash, you want to find the right one for your skin. Look for something that matches your skin type. Cover your skin from head to toe. Pay close attention to dryer areas like the elbows, knees, and heels.

6. Fade Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks can be a drag. But you shouldn’t let them get you too down. I helped prevent myself from getting too many stretch marks when I was pregnant by constantly moisturizing my belly. Many pregnant women follow this tip for smooth skin to prevent or lessen stretch marks. Despite my hardest efforts I still ended up with a few stretch marks. I have been using some retinoid cream to help fade some of the marks.

7. Use Sunscreen

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The sun can dry out skin. Even if you are going to spend the day outside soaking up the rays, it’s still a good idea to wear sunscreen. Protecting your skin from the sun will keep it looking and feeling silky smooth.

8. Drink Water

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You might be thinking that drinking water sounds like a strange tip for smooth skin. Actually it’s an excellent tip for smooth skin. I know when I haven’t had enough water. My skin starts to look dry and loose its glow. When that happens I drink a couple of cups of water and by the next day my skin is looking good again.

My tips for smooth skin are exactly what I do to keep my skin silky smooth and ready for tank top and short season. I hope these same tips will work for you. Do you have any tips for smooth skin that you’d like to add to the list? Please share with us.

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