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7 Genius Ways to Get Beautiful Skin on a Budget ...

By Lisa

Do you think it’s possible to get beautiful skin on a budget? Think you have to drop dough on major brand name products to achieve that gorgeous glow? Let’s rethink how we look at budget skin care and think about them as an awesome, cost-effective ways to care for our skin! I’m not bad-mouthing the big brand names but for those of us who have limited funds, inexpensive and easily accessible skin care products are a must. Check out these 7 rad to the bone ways to get superb skin on the cheap!

1 Read Labels

One of sure ways to achieve beautiful skin for less is to shop smart. Dermatologist Dr. Deborah Wattenberg asserts that the effectiveness of a product is all based on the ingredients in the product and not where you buy it or how much you pay for it. With that info in mind, when you’re shopping for skin care products, take the time to research what your skin type is and what ingredients are beneficial. Buying the wrong product will end up being a waste of money no matter how much you paid for it!

2 Shop Your Kitchen

To get beautiful skin on a budget start with what you’ve already got at home! There are lots of kitchen staples that make for fantastic skin care items and you might not even know it! Besides creating face and hair masks, kitchen essentials are great for cleansing and moisturizing your skin! Oatmeal makes a great facial cleanser, baking soda makes an excellent scrub and olive or coconut oil are ideal as a moisturizer!

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3 Bulk up

Another great idea and way to get beautiful skin on a budget is to buy skin care products that you like in bulk at a wholesale club. If you have friends or family members who use the same products as you or are willing to try them out, go half on some skin care goods and you’ll both save! Since you’re getting economy-sized items, be sure you like the product and you’ll actually use them before you buy!

4 DIY It

Aside from using one-ingredient household items as part of your budget-friendly skin care regimen, take it a step farther and DIY! Make your own toner, lip balm, moisturizer, even your own makeup if you so desire! Some of the DIY skin care recipes will yield a lot of product so share them with your friends and family or give them out as gifts and save some money on presents!

5 Take Care

An economical and healthy way to get beautiful skin for less is to drink lots of water and eat healthy. It might not sound like a very effective way to attain good skin but we’ve learned that what we eat and drink make an enormous difference in how we look and feel. We can’t expect to achieve healthy skin with skin care products alone, feed your body and feed your skin!

6 Avoid Bad Habits

To get the most of your budget-friendly skin care routine, avoid partaking in bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking. Smoking sucks the life out of your skin and body. Drinking excessively can lead to poor sleep which shows on your face and causes blood vessels on the face to dilate. Both of these habits are expensive anyway so save money by quitting the cigs and cutting back on alcohol, your skin and body will thank you!

7 Stay Regular

To get beautiful skin on a budget, keep up on your skin care routine. Don’t skip cleansing, moisturizing, sunscreen or exfoliating in order to cut costs. Consistently taking good care of your skin will help your skin will prevent you from having to do damage control later which can cost you some money.Also, thinking about working out regularly as a way to maintain your skin.Working out releases toxins through sweat and increases blood flow so in effect, sweating can result in nice skin!

It is possible to achieve beautiful skin on a budget; it just might take a little more creativity and resourcefulness! While high-end skin care products have their advantages, don’t forget the basics of skin care like regularly caring for skin, eating well, exercising and shunning bad habits to get the best skin possible. Do you have any budget beauty tips that you swear by?

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