7 Useful Pointers in Shopping for Skin Care Online ...


7 Useful Pointers in Shopping for Skin Care Online ...
7 Useful Pointers in Shopping for Skin Care Online ...

When you’re shopping for skin care online do you ever question whether you’re buying the right product or getting the best price ? If you’re trying out something new, it can be difficult to tell whether the product you’re getting is exactly what you’re looking for or if it’s what you think it is. With that said, I decided to dig up some useful pointers on how to shop online and get exactly what you want! Keep on reading and get the lowdown on online skin care shopping!

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Know What You Want

The very first tip in online skin care shopping is to figure out what the heck you want. Some ladies are very decisive and know exactly what they want like a light moisturizer with a soft fragrance for oily skin with SPF 20 under $50. While there are others who have an idea of what they want like they know they need a facial scrub, but are unsure if they need an anti-acne formula or something that’s more hardcore like a peel. Figure this out first before you overwhelm yourself with the hundreds of choices online to make things easier!


Know What You Need

So your first task in shopping for skin care was to figure out what you want but you also need to figure out what you need. What’s the difference between what you need and what you want? Well, your skin might need a cream for sensitive skin yet you’re compelled to reach for an anti-aging product or a celebrity endorsed product you might not need at this point. You probably know your own skin pretty darn well but if you’re finding that your skin care products aren’t really working, you might want to consult a dermatologist or in-store skin care specialist before you invest in anything else.


Set a Budget

If you’ve ever been skin care shopping online before then you’ve probably noticed that many of your favorite products are cheaper online than in-store. This is great for us, but it doesn’t mean we can get reckless with our money and just blow it on whatever! If you’re trying to stick to a budget, make sure you only get what you need and move on. Don’t let sites lure you into other sales or specials like buy two get one free and end up buying more than you need! I had to learn this the hard way; I’d purposely buy things just to qualify for a certain special and in the end it really wasn’t worth it for me!


Comparison Shop

Don’t forget to comparison shop to get the best deal when you’re shopping for skin care online. There are so many sites out there that carry the same products and it would be a shame to pass up on a great deal on your fave and expensive eye cream! Compare prices on products through your go-to shopping spots like Sephora, Amazon or Ulta, but also use sites like pricegrabber.com where you can compare prices online and in stores in seconds!


Read Reviews

One of the benefits of shopping for skin care online is that you get to read reviews by other users. Although you don’t want to buy or not buy something solely based on reviews, it’s a great tool to see how other people who share your same skin type thought of it. You can get info on the packaging, ease of use, scent, texture and things you don’t even think of when you’re shopping in the store. Make sure you add your review too so you can help out another savvy shopper with your pearls of wisdom!


Get More Bang for Your Buck

Another one of the fab reasons to do your shopping for skin care through the interwebs is because of all the great extras! Shop through sites like Shopathome.com or Ebates.com and get a percentage of your purchase back plus they also have promo codes for free gifts or shipping! Another smart idea is to check the retailer’s Facebook page or Twitter feed to see if they have any current promos. That way, you can get a sale price or free sample with your purchase!


Choose Reliable Sources

The last but certainly not least tip in skin care shopping online is to only buy from reputable sites. If you found a helluva deal on Dr. Brandt products but you’ve never heard of the business and their website looks kinda sketchy, pass! The internet is a great place for so many things but it’s also a scam hot spot! Buy from authorized retailers like the big names in the beauty biz and be sure to read over the return policy on products so you’re not stuck with something you can’t use!

Shopping for skin care online is one of the best ways to get a great deal on all things beauty. It’s convenient and cost-effective so it’s the ideal place to stock up on skin care products! Be sure you keep the preceding tips in mind when you’re online shopping to avoid paying too much for something or getting stuck with unwanted items! Where do you shop for skin care? Do you prefer online shopping or in-store shopping?

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