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If you’re tired of the same old skin care routine and want to spice things up a bit with some international skin care secrets, look no further! I’ve found 8 great ways to get your skin glowing while you get to learn about some of the beauty secrets from some of the most stunning women in the world! Take a look at these amazing international skin care tips and enjoy some cosmopolitan beauty of your own!

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This international skin care secret comes courtesy of the gorgeous ladies of India. Turmeric is a spice that’s often found in foods like curry but it’s also gaining a ton of recognition for its amazing skin-nourishing properties! Turmeric can be used as an all-over scrub, an acne treatment or to help even out your skin tone. If you’d like to use it to reduce pigmentation, grab some turmeric powder and add some lemon or cucumber juice and apply it to your face!



One of the lesser known skin care secrets from around the world is using sand as a natural scrub. It’s reported that some women in Brazil like to use sand from the beach to reveal new skin and get rid of any dead cells lingering around. And a bonus of this sand scrub is that it’s also known to help prevent cellulite. If you don’t have access to beach sand, try a sugar or salt scrub!


Yarrow Extract

A skin care secret from Australian women is to use yarrow extract to hydrate skin. Some women even report that it can help with stretch marks. Yarrow extract is an herb from Europe that has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that are super for treating skin wounds and keeping skin looking smooth and silky! If you want to give yarrow extract a try, check out Amazon!


Greek Yogurt

International skin care secrets don’t just involve spices and herbs, they also include food! Greek yogurt is a favorite of many beautiful ladies but in Greece, the hotties use this as a face mask. Grab some plain yogurt and apply it all over your face for a soothing and moisturizing treatment. This yogurt mask is especially great for dry skin but should be beneficial for all skin types in the colder weather!


Coconut Oil

We’re no strangers to this skin care secret now, but the lovely ladies of Belize have been using for years! The ladies of Belize have been using coconut oil to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as moisturize dry skin. A cool thing about coconut oil is that, despite its name, it’s a solid in room temperature and you can apply it like a lotion on your skin and hair!


Red Grapes

Another one of the simple yet useful skin care secrets from around the world is grapes! The beauties of Italy use grapes as an exfoliating skin scrub. Simply grab some red grapes, take out the seeds and mash ‘em up. Once you have all the grapes mashed up, rub them on your face for ten minutes and rinse off. You can also use this on your hands or wherever your skin needs a little lift!


Grapes & Flour

A Chilean skin care secret is to combine grapes and flour together as a skin brightening mask. Grape skins contain resveratrol, which is said to have some anti-aging benefits. To give this mask a try, grab some more grapes and crush them or throw them in a food processor. Add a few tablespoons of flour to the mashed grapes and apply the mixture to your face for ten minutes and rinse off!


Milk & Honey

This international skin care secret from Egypt is a combination of a skin soother and exfoliator. Use equal parts of milk and honey to create a mask that’ll get rid of old skin cells and calm and relieve any irritation. Leave this mixture on your face for about ten minutes or so and rinse off with warm water. It has been said that ladies in Egypt have relied on this skin remedy for many years so you know this is good stuff!

These international skin care secrets can help us to get great skin with simple ingredients. A lot of the ingredients in these skin care secrets are readily available to us but we never think to use them for our skin! I hope you try out some of these awesome skin care treatments! Do you know of any hot international skin care secrets?

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Rooibos (as in rooibos tea) is great for your skin, it fights acne and is full of anti-oxidants (less wrinkles) it's also a nice scrub to remove dead skin cells and help minimise cellulite. Rooibos is found in South Africa.

Rooibos from South Africa is also an amazing skin product, it clears acne, it is full of anti-oxidants.

Great article and tips! You can also make whipped coconut oil lotion just by mixing up hard coconut oil in a mixer for awhile.(Like a KitchenAid). It get all fluffy and whipped. You have to store it in a cold climate or a refrigerator though. It's FABULOUS!

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