8 Amazing Skin Care Tips for Summer ...


8 Amazing Skin Care Tips for Summer ...
8 Amazing Skin Care Tips for Summer ...

Summer is officially here, so it’s time for summer skin care tips! Whether you’re spending the day at the beach, or are just going to an outdoor market with friends, get the prettiest, glowy-est summer skin right now… let’s go! Here are 8 amazing skin care tips for summer…

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Wear Sunblock

This skin care tip for summer could save your life, not just your skin. Why? Because unprotected sun exposure is the primary cause of skin cancer, and skin cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in young women… so wear sunblock every day! Choose a broad-spectrum with at least SPF 30, and reapply at least every two hours.


Makeup Lite

You definitely want to look your best in the summer, but when the temperatures get high, makeup becomes a mess. If you've ever felt your foundation practically dripping off your face or discovered raccoon eyes five minutes after going outside, you know what I mean! Let your natural glow shine through, especially when it's hot. At the very least, make sure your eye makeup is waterproof, and try not to overdo it on the oil-based products (more on that in a minute).



If you swim in a chlorinated pool or spend a lot of time at the beach, your skin can get dry and scaly. Exfoliate gently with a warm wash cloth in the shower, or use a good scrub, like Philosophy’s Coconut Frosting Salt Scrub. It tingles!



You’d think the extra sweat in summer would keep your skin glowing on its own, but it’s still important to wear a light-weight moisturizer, too, if you want the prettiest summer skin. I love Clean & Clear’s Dual-Action Moisturizer… it’s formulated to keep skin hydrated and happy, while still preventing pimples.


Go Oil-free

Preventing pimples? That’s right! Most moisturizers, like Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar, come in oil-free versions just for summer skin care. If you have naturally oily skin, one of these may be your best bet… go oil-free!


Don’t Forget Your Feet!

All winter long, your feet were pampered with soft cotton socks, but now, they’re tortured with hot sand, poky grass, and cruel flip-flops. Your summer skin care routine ought to include a little attention to your toes, too, my dear! Treat them to a pro pedi, or do one at home. Either way, be sure to take care of your feet!


Remove at the End of the Day

At the end of the day, summer skin care is no different than winter skin care — it’s still important to wash before bed! Use a gentle cleanser, like Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple, to get rid of sweat, make-up, salt from the beach, and more. Ahh!


Stay Hydrated!

Your summer skin is thirsty, so be sure to follow this skin care tip for summer: stay hydrated! Bring a bottle of water with you everywhere you go, and sip from it often. If you’re doing something even remotely athletic, be sure to hydrate more to make up for the water loss through sweat. Your skin will thank you!

With so many summer skin care tips, you’ll have the prettiest skin at the beach, on the boardwalk, and beyond! Which of these tips for gorgeous summer skin do you think is most important… or do you have another summer skin care tip to share?

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